Layers of Fear 2 Launches on Nintendo Switch with Two Special Discounts

A live-action trailer showing terror at sea accompanies the launch of this fan-favorite psychological horror title

Layers of Fear 2 Launches on Nintendo Switch

Bloober Team, recently best known for The Medium and Observer: System Redux, are proud to announce Layers of Fear 2 Launches on Nintendo Switch (NA / EU).

Co-developed by Dreamloop Games, Layers of Fear 2 for Nintendo Switch is priced at USD 29.99 / EUR 29.99. Until May 31st, players can purchase it with a special 10% launch discount. Owners of Bloober Team’s Layers of Fear: Legacy and/or Observer on Switch can get the game at 20% off (also by May 31st). To acquire this discount, Layers of Fear 2 must be purchased through the Switch Nintendo eShop. It will automatically detect if you have Layers of Fear: Legacy and/or Observer in the library and apply the 20% discount. The 10% launch discount and 20% discount cannot be combined.
Layers of Fear 2 Launches on Nintendo Switch
Layers of Fear 2 is a sequel to the fan-favorite psychological horror phenomenon by Bloober Team. The game puts you in the shoes of a Hollywood actor aboard an ocean liner, where an eccentric and mysterious director (voiced by Tony Todd) shoots his new film with you in the lead role.
Layers of Fear 2 Launches on Nintendo Switch
  • Story-Driven Exploration – Explore the bizarre rooms and corridors of the ocean liner. Piece together your past and expose the reason why you have been cast for this film.
  • Psychological & Psychedelic Horror – Is this all part of the film? Or are your memories playing tricks on you? Your world may change with the slightest of provocations and it’s your responsibility to decide what is real.
  • A Stage On the Sea – The deeper you venture into the bowels of the luxurious ocean liner, the more incredible—and terrifying—the scenes become.
  • Ominous Classical Soundtrack – An original score composed by Arkadiusz Reikowski, conducted by George Strezov, and performed by the Sofia Session Orchestra.
Layers of Fear 2 is also available on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

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