Learn about Destiny 2’s Warmind expansion with our extensive gallery of screenshots

In Warmind, players will journey to Mars, where Rasputin has awoken, setting off a system-wide chain of events. The polar ice caps are melting, uncovering a time capsule in Rasputin’s birthplace. Warmind will introduce Ana Bray, a new hero that players will encounter. She will serve as the vendor and will allow players to learn more about Clovis Bray

  • Escalation Protocol: Warmind introduces a new endgame activity that players will want to return to again and again. Escalation Protocol features many characteristics of traditional public events, however it can be started at any time rather than running to a schedule and anyone can join.
    • The event starts by activating a pillar that rises up out of the ground which draws the Hive in
    • The event plays out in seven waves, each with a boss fight, culminating in one final unique boss fight
    • There are five unique final bosses that will rotate each week in five-week rotations
    • New items/tokens will be available which can be spun to get special weapons. These will be needed to complete the activity
    • One notable new item is the Valkyrie, a magical rocket launcher that destroys all. It is both a melee and a ranged weapon
    • Players can earn rewards that are specific to this activity
    • Escalation Protocol is very challenging, so be prepared to be put to the test!
    • Players must complete Warmind’s campaign before they can activate Escalation Protocol
  • Crucible: Two important features are coming to Destiny 2 in Season 3; Crucible ranks and Private Matches
    • Crucible ranks will provide a choice of two ranks which will dictate how you play:
    • Valor rank involves progression over time with no penalty for dropout
    • Glory rank is much more difficult and is attached only to competitive playlists. Progression is tied to results, so it improves if you win and decreases if you lose.
    • Each rank includes streak bonuses
    • Crucible rewards change in Season 3, with two amazing new emblems and an entire slew of new rewards
    • There will be one specific weapon to chase each season
    • Season 3’s notable weapon will be Redrix’s Claymore, which includes the new Desperado perk. This increases the rate of fire without lowering impact
    • Private Matches are back! They are similar to those players will remember from Destiny 1 but with some awesome improvements

o    There are two new maps – Solitude and Survival- which require Warmind ownership in order to use in private matches

  • Sandbox: Exotic weapons are being tweaked to improve the experience with each weapon – everything will be stronger, faster, and better!
    • Most exotics have been leveled-up in areas such as damage, time-to-kill and rate of fire

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