Legendary Egyptian Gods Horus and Set Join SMITE

For the first time ever, two legendary Gods are entering the Battleground of the Gods. The Egyptian rivals Horus and Set are both now available in SMITE: Battleground of the Gods, and their legendary feud kicks off the new Battle for Olympus event. It all begins with a murder: Set has slain his elder brother, Osiris, to steal his throne. Horus, the son of Osiris, is out for vengeance. Can the Rightful Heir Horus avenge his father and reclaim the crown of Egypt, or will the murderous Usurper Set continue to thrive in the chaos he has created?

In SMITE, Horus and Set’s feud portends their destructive abilities on the battlefield. Set is a bloodthirsty Assassin, relying only on himself — and the clones he conjures from sand — to strike swiftly. Set channels his rage as he unleashes his ultimate, spawning more and more clones as he bares his claws and tears into his foes.
Horus takes a much different approach to battle.

An honourable leader and commander, Horus focuses on empowering his allies and creating opportunities for them to strike with his powerful healing and crowd control. No matter where an ally may be in danger, Horus can take flight and join the fray — and he often brings friends with him.

The new Overview video for both Gods can be viewed at the following link:

Jim Smale

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