LOST REAVERS Open Beta Announced For Europe

LOST REAVERS Open Beta Announced For Europe, you can now get to play an intense 4-player co-op game where players must discover hidden treasure at the end of each dungeon and haul it back to their extraction point whilst their friends protect them.  Along the way, the team will encounter traps, clever foes, and dungeon bosses who will do everything in their power to thwart your quartet.  The challenge doesn’t end there, as one of the brave four must bring the treasure hoard back using only their wits and their friends to survive.

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Players can choose between one of four distinct characters to play through the game. Sayuri, a sword-wielding modern-day samurai; Dwayne, a heavy-weapon-toting specimen of human artillery; Victoria, a svelte dual-wielding mistress of pistols and a mysterious masked fourth character who wields many weapons to cut down his foes!

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Challenge multiple stages with a differing array of foes and bosses.  Ranging from Ancient Ruins to a Modern City and Medieval Castle, LOST REAVERS will provide endless hours of entertainment in which only the most determined team will overcome the odds.  Along the way, you will find new more powerful weapons, level up your characters’ skills, and learn to evade cleverly placed traps.  Only with trusted compatriots by your side will you prevail!

This title marks the first Free-to-Play title for BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment on the Wii U and everyone with a connected Wii U can take part in the Beta. The Open Beta commences on 14th April and will continue until April 28th when the Full Version becomes available (dates may be subject to change).

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