Madden 24 Review (Steam)

For our Madden 24 Review, we experience a more realistic character movement and smarter AI that is hopefully going to give us the control to play out our gameplay strategy with the confidence to dominate any opponent. All-new character technology transforms the way players look and move with realistically redesigned player models and smoother animations.

Madden 24 Review Pros:

  • Amazing graphics.
  • 50.6GB download size.
  • Steam achievements.
  • Graphics settings – resolution, window mode, frame rate, v-sync, dynamic resolution scaling, HDR, rendering quality, 3D grass, advanced hair, ambient occlusion, ambient occlusion quality, lens flare, depth fog, bloom, high-resolution DOF, mesh quality, texture quality, shadow quality, and crowd quality.
  • Official NFL product.
  • Full controller support.
  • Can be played with a mouse and keyboard.
  • The PC version for the first time ever has all the next-gen features.
  • Three passing style choices – placement and accuracy, placement and power, and classic. (you can try them all out and change them later)
  • Loads up and connects to the EA app.
  • Crossplay can be turned on and off.
  • Set your favorite team, game difficulty, etc.
  • Three game styles – simulation, competitive, and arcade.
  • American football gameplay.
  • On-screen icons will appear above your player to help with controls and actions.
  • All new touchdown celebrations and graphics.
  • Cleaner Ui.
  • Five game modes – ultimate team, franchise, quick play, superstar, and training camp.
  • Training camp has three modes – mini-games, team practice, and skills training.
  • Quickplay has three modes – couch Co-op, custom games, and online play.
  • The performance of the game overall is much improved.
  • The movements of the players are more fluid and responsive and look natural.
  • Accessibility options – menu narration, subtitles, enlarged field graphics, Colourblind support, dynamic camera effects, and VOIP settings.
  • Four difficulties – Rookie, Pro, all-pro, and all-Madden.
  • Click can be set for the accelerated clock, play clock on/off, and minimum play clock time.
  • Coach mode – (optional setting) has the Quarterback automatically throw the ball after the snap if you don’t take control.
  • Player sliders for injuries, fatigue, and player speed parity scale.
  • CPU and player sliders for QB accuracy, pass blocking, WR catching, run blocking, fumbles, reaction time, interceptions, pass coverage, tackling, FG power, FG accuracy, punt accuracy, and kick-off power.
  • Much improved and more impactful halftime shows and opening presentations.
  • Ultimate Team has an optional tutorial.
  • Free season starter card pack for Ultimate team.
  • New menu layout and card opening animation for the Ultimate team.
  • Earn MUT coins to buy packs of cards.
  • Madden Ultimate Team game modes – Challenges, solo battles, H2H, house rules, play a friend, and MUT draft.
  • Generate the best lineup option in the ultimate team that can be for play styles or ratings.
  • Ultimate team challenges can be done solo or Co-op.
  • Superstar character creator – choose the position (quarterback/halfback/wide receiver/linebacker/cornerback), first name, last name, number, handedness, hometown, college, full creator for face, skin color, hair, etc.
  • Changing your superstar details like weight and height will change the stats of your player.
  • Two superstar modes – the league, and showdown.
  • The league mode is where you do the combine, get drafted, and work your way up.
  • Showdown mode is where you go for Rewards and accelerated exp bonuses.
  • Superstar game settings – force team selection, controlled player art, skill level, game style, injury, pre-existing injury, dynamic momentum/home field advantage, quarter length, accelerated clock, and minimum play clock time.
  • Madden cast a video presentation for the superstar mode.
  • In engine cutscenes.
  • The ultimate team has a player level where you earn exp for playing and finishing challenges for Rewards.
  • Can skip the cutscenes.
  • Superstar mode has a player level where you earn exp for playing and finishing challenges for Rewards.
  • The in-game version of Twitter/X for social media interactions in superstar mode.
  • The superstar combine have you doing a bench press mini-game, 40-yard dash, broad jump, 20-yard shuttle, and run routes. You then get an overall skill rank.
  • When not in a game or press event in Superstar mode you play games and chill in your room with Madden cast rolling in the background. Here you can use social media, check challenges and upgrade your character.
  • You can instantly retry events in the combine.
  • Superstar rewards are a bit like a Battlepass in that you earn exp and unlock rewards.
  • The opening superstar challenge is the path to the NFL where you do the combine, answer general knowledge questions, the draft, and the signing.
  • Superstar mode has plenty of multiple-choice interactions.
  • To level up your superstar you earn skill points for stats, which can unlock abilities that you can equip in the unlocked slots.
  • In between games, you get a set amount of free time to do as you wish, some give boosts, some rewards, and some can be bad for you.
  • All free-time events in Superstar are mini-games and they can be played or simulated.
  • Further superstar customizations are setting celebrations for touchdowns, first down, interception, sacks, tackle for loss, and celebration runs. You can also set a player as your passing style.
  • You can view depth charts, league standings, the news, transactions, history, and more from your superstar room.
  • All new moves like cutting, fake cutting, and doing foot fire.
  • The gameplay in Superstar mode is you control just your player, you have a unique camera angle, you get to choose the play regardless of position, and you get a rolling rank/grade based on your performance such as position and running.
  • Much improved hype intros for the teams coming out.
  • Full commentary team.
  • Familiar controls.
  • You really do get a lot of control over how your player turns out in terms of how he plays on the pitch in superstar mode.
  • Earning exp and points in Superstar isn’t just scoring and running with the ball, you can get it for blocking or just being in the right place.
  • Aside from superstar challenges, you will get to choose one of three bonus objectives there and then with each increasing the difficulty and reward but it’s all your choice.
  • Superstar mode feels very complete and so satisfying to play.
  • Full Monday and Sunday night football presentations.
  • All movement is more fluid.
  • On-screen button prompts for cuts and stuttering to help.
  • You the player can see and feel yourself getting better.
  • The superstar mode is really good for teaching you the game and player positions.
  • Every team has a wide selection of uniforms including classic throwbacks.
  • Player and CPU skill sliders to make the game harder or easier.
  • Superstar Showdown is a 3v3 online game mode where you use your superstar with others online.
  • Share and download player offense playbooks, draft class, defense playbooks, CPU sliders, player sliders, and roster updates.
  • The creation center lets you edit – rosters, players, uniforms, Playbook, and superstar X factors.
  • Franchise let’s create an offline or online league. Online can be played with friends, randoms, or solo and you set if leagues use real-life rosters, active rosters, or preseason rosters.
  • You can have one save per position in superstar mode.
  • In career mode, you can set your season goal for things like getting X amount of receiving yards or so many completions.
  • When you are not playing in a drive-in superstar mode the game simulates and you watch it play out at a faster rate.
  • The focus in superstar mode is the football with the story being sprinkled in over time.
  • Using abilities (equipping them) will upgrade them to silver and then gold as each tier has specific goals.

Madden 24 Review Cons:

  • Loads up and connects to the EA app.
  • You cannot have a beard in the superstar character creator!
  • Can’t choose your voice in superstar mode.
  • Few robotic animated characters in the superstar mode.
  • No practice option when doing the combine.
  • Performance stutters a bit in the combined events.
  • You don’t get control over your character’s persona or mannerisms.
  • A shame but in the draft you don’t get any of the TV presentation-style sequences or hearing the phone call as it’s all just a montage.
  • Cannot rebind controls.
  • You have to go into Madden Ultimate Team or the messages section to set what songs play.
  • No graphics benchmark test.
  • When the EA servers are down you cannot play some of the modes and the ones you can play come up saying all progress will not be saved or go towards rewards and unlocks.
  • At times the mouse cursor can stay on the screen despite using a controller.
  • You cannot decorate or edit your superstar room.
  • The scenes between plays and halves repeat themselves a lot.
  • The intro to matches feels the same but with different uniforms.
  • During Superstar a lot of the interactions repeat over and over.
  • The performance out of the game is not as good as in the game.

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Madden 24:

Official website.

Developer: EA Games

Publisher: EA Games

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  • 9/10
    Graphics - 9/10
  • 8/10
    Sound - 8/10
  • 9/10
    Accessibility - 9/10
  • 10/10
    Length - 10/10
  • 10/10
    Fun Factor - 10/10


Madden 24 is a game that delivers on its promise of providing a more realistic and immersive American football experience. The game has made significant improvements in its graphics, performance, and gameplay, especially on the next-gen consoles and now finally on the PC versions. The game’s PC version has finally caught up with the next-gen consoles, offering a stunning visual and performance upgrade. The game also features improved movement and AI, making the gameplay more realistic and challenging. The superstar mode is a real highlight, as it focuses on the gameplay over the story, but still provides enough narrative to keep you hooked. If you are looking for a thrilling and immersive sports game, this is the one for you. One of the most noticeable changes in Madden 24 is the on-field system, which introduces a reticule that shows the intended destination of the pass on the ground. This adds a new layer of strategy and precision to the passing game, as the player has to account for the trajectory, speed, and accuracy of the pass, as well as the position and movement of the receiver. The receiver also has more options to catch the ball, such as aggressive, safe, and run-after-catch modes, which can affect the outcome of the play. Running players can now do stutter steps and cuts to get a more realistic in-depth experience. The new systems are more realistic and challenging and reward skillful players who can master them. The game also has other modes and features that enhance the gameplay and replay value. The superstar mode is more fleshed out, offering more roles on the field and a more realistic story mode focusing on the gameplay over the narrative. The ultimate team mode has a battle pass system that rewards players for completing challenges and earning experience points. Madden 24 is a game that has risen to the challenge and made it one of the most accessible and realistic American football games to date. It is a must-buy for fans of the sport and the game, especially on the next-gen consoles and PC.  It is annoying to still have issues with jank and performance, especially with the online portion which is a big part but for me a solo offline player it does everything I want from the game. I mean it’s still no 2K5 but what is? Madden 24 on PC has caught up to the consoles at last and yes the bugs and random glitch outs are still around but they have made strides in advancing the series.

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