Meet The Characters In Risk Of Rain

Risk of Rain is an action plat-former/adventure game with randomized elements.While we don’t want to spoil the story, we can let a few things through! The game is set in the distant future, where space transportation is common. Space trains carry passengers and goods all across space. A particular space train, however, had some very special cargo. Through a series of unfortunate events, this space train gets shot out of orbit and crash lands on a mysterious planet.. with one survivor. –  Here is a brief run down on all the playable characters in the current build of Risk Of Rain.

The Huntress:

  • Long range attack character, Using a bow and arrow.
  • Has a charge shot that explodes upon impact causing smaller explosions.
  • Has a Glaive capable of hitting upto 4 enemies in quick succession.
  • Teleport thta can get you out of a sticky situation. Doesnt have huge distance, And no direction other than the way you are facing when used.

The Huntress is a good character to use just purely for her long range attacks. More effective when used in a group due to her inability to deal huge damage up close.


The Engineer:

  • Launches 3 bouncing grenades that explode upon contact. Has a good range on them and can work bith close and long distance. They fire out on an arc so precision is required.
  • Land mines, These can be dropped anywhere and explode when an enemy (not you) walks over them. They are especially useful when fleeing from enemies or enemies are clustered together.
  • Thermal Harpoon that launches a couple of what are basically missiles. The cause medium damage and can be a great way to kill flying enemies.
  • Turret is brilliant, Just pop it down and watch it take aim on all enemies level with it. Has a good distance on it and wont damage you.

The Engineer is a good class and one that can be effective either in a group or alone. With a turret on hand you always feel like someone has your back. Engineer has a good mix of close and ranged weaponry and once mastered can be a right handful.



  • Has powerful robot hands that cause a lot of damage but are slower than other players. Very much a melee character.
  • Drones: Fire little drones at the enemy and cause medium damage whilst receiving health for damage caused. You earn the drones by killing enemies.
  • Overclock which is very much like a overkill state. You deal more damage and have a higher chance of stunning enemies. Best used on a mob of creatures as it has a short life span.
  • What I like to call the hammer, This move makes a comical noise then you smash an almighty hammer down on your enemies. Not only causing a lot of damage but also catapulting them up into the air. Perfect against the harder enemies or even a cluster of them.

Han-D is very much for your melee players. Offering no ranged attacks he is slow but powerful. Once you get a free buffs he can be quite the Mr T of the Risk Of Rain world. But standard he should only really be used when playing a group. He is the tank of the characters.


The Miner:

  • Using what looks like a pick axe and hammers love child, He crushes enemies up close with a melee weapon. The speed is not bad and it can do slight knockback.
  • Drill is a chargeable move that dashes you forward causing damage. You can charge it to its max for around 2 seconds, But can also be used as a offensive counter when you need it.
  • Dashing is another good example of good offensive defensive skills. Stunning all nemies hit by it, You also get the added bonus of not receiving damage while dashing.
  • You have a move that shoots you skyward causing a lot of damage. Useful for enemies either flying or on a level above you.

The miner is an alright character but not my first choice. With a good selection of counter attacks he is very good for getting in close, causing mayhem then backing back out but still laying the smackdown. Can have issues dealing on higher difficulties and bosses.



  • Has a gun that shoots two bullets at a time, Whilst only causing little damage, The distance more than makes up for it.
  • Has the ability to shoot through enemies which in itself is cool, It also does knockback. Really handy when your feeling overwhelmed or want to shoot enemies off of as cliff.
  • Rolling, Much like the Huntress teleport. This can get you some distance between you and your foe or be used to get out of a jam. You do not receive damage whilst rolling so use it regularly.
  • Rapid fire is the best as it has a high fire and damage rate. Whilst not offering much knockback, combined with the roll it can get you out of a lot of scrapes and live to fight another day.

The Commando is a good ranged character, Offering a different more direct approach then the Huntress. Commando works well alone or with others. Nailing down the rapid fire roll technique early on will help you survive longer.



  • Claws are fast and have a good rate of damage for melee.
  • Spit toxic goo at an enemy to cause mdium damage and stunning them for a very short time. Has a good distance on it and its this, that it should  be used for
  • Drop toxic goo on the floor. Whilst it may not cause a huge amount of damage, It does slow enemies and damage them every step. Allies get a speed boost when standing on it. Can be used for devasting effect on groups of enemies and flying enemies funnily enough.
  • Epidemic is where you shoot out a virus that, Upon contact of an enemy causes damage over time. It can also spread to another enemy. It has really good distance and can help alot against the tougher creatures you face.

Acrid is by far my favourite, Offering really good up close melee damage. He also has good ranged weapons whilst the goo on the floor helps in so many ways. Either by slowing a chasing mob down or by laying down by a rope and you just hanging there as enemies get damaged. He has good movement speed and with a few buffs can get very powerful.

Well that was a quick run down on the playable characters you can currently select. All offering something different, Combining them within a group of players is interesting. All you need to bear in mind is that the first attack listed on every character, Is their main weapon and has no cooldown. All the others have varying cooldown timers.

If you like what you see and want to play Risk Of Rain for yourself, Then go over the Risk Of Rain website and buy the game for instant Beta access.



Jim Smale

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