Microsoft Release PC Drivers for Xbox One controller

Seven months after Microsoft debuted the Xbox One players can finally plug their controller into their Windows PC or tablet and play games on these platforms. Xbox One gamepad drivers for Windows PC’s have just been released, and according to Microsoft a further Windows Update integration is set to follow.

Players have wondered why it’s taken the gaming giant since November 2013 to create PC drivers for the Xbox One controller, but now Microsoft hasn’t only made PC gaming possible, it’s also announced at the same time that they are opening pre-orders for the Kinect for Windows V2 depth-sensing camera platform. This announcement, coupled with the release of the gamepad drivers makes it a bumper month for gamers who want to enjoy the benefits of the next-gen console on their Windows-powered PC or tablet.

With the release of the drivers for PC, Xbox One becomes even more competitive in the gaming market and players who may have turned their attention to playing mobile games such as those on offer at may now shift their focus back to PC.

Microsoft claims that the standalone drive package that adds Xbox One controller functionality to PC brings increased comfort and a better directional pad that will offer enhanced gaming. In addition to adding to the PC gaming experience the similarity between the Xbox One and Xbox 360 controllers means that any game set up to recognise the Xbox 360 gamepad will work perfectly with the Xbox One controller, and no reconfiguration will be necessary.

At present the only downside to being able to use your Xbox One controller on your Windows PC or tablet is that the device must be tethered via a micro-USB in order to operate. This makes it less portable and ergonomic and removes the wireless functionality, but on the plus side it means that you don’t have to worry about the battery going flat unexpectedly during an intense gaming session.

The drivers are now available for direct download at Microsoft’s Larry ‘Major Nelson’ Hryb’s website and there’s both a 32-bit and 62-bit version available. The Kinect for Windows V2 pre-orders are also open to gamers at the official Microsoft online store. You can download the drivers from this link.


Jim Smale

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