Midnight Ghost Hunt unveils 2022 roadmap and summer content patch

The multiplayer hide-and-shriek frenzy releases a juicy June patch packed with a bunch of new cosmetics and features alongside a roadmap detailing the game’s upcoming developments

Vaulted Sky Games and Coffee Stain, publisher of Valheim, Deep Rock Galactic, and Satisfactory, are happy to share Midnight Ghost Hunt’s 2022 roadmap, with a new content patch coming to the game today! Following consistent minor patches post-launch and a brand new map unleashed in May, players will have access to new skins, emotes, and a good look at what’s coming up next for the ghoul-busting hit.

Midnight Ghost Hunt’s new in-match challenge system shakes up the competition, with the opportunity to earn bonus shards through completing specific, but still optional, tasks. Hunters who think they have the ability to wipe out three ghosts with just a Salt Shotgun, or Ghosts who think they can render a Hunter senseless with a Corrupted Prop, need only complete their mission to reap the rewards.

Midnight Ghost Hunt unveils 2022 roadmap
Joining this feature in the patch are brand new Hunter skins, emotes, victory poses, and even an additional Hero prop to possess. Strip down in the heat of the summer with the Birthday skin, or roam the School map like you own the joint as a Jock. Alongside these come the new Bully, Disco Dance, and Hyperventilate Emotes to annoy those sore losers, which double up as Victory Poses – the last of which is the Satisfactory Clap. The cherry on top of course is the new possessable “Ghost in the TV” Hero prop which allows Ghosts to swipe at their adversaries through the screen and is accessible in the Museum, School, and Asylum maps.

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Alongside this bevy of content comes the game’s first roadmap, shedding light on what’s coming up for Midnight Ghost Hunt over the latter half of the year. On a technical level, the next few months will see the addition of dedicated servers and host migration, as well as an array of exciting new content such as a thrilling new map, more hero props, and cosmetics galore. The final quarter of the year will deliver another new map, more hero props and cosmetics, and for the first time since launch, new gear and abilities!
Midnight Ghost Hunt unveils 2022 roadmap
Midnight Ghost Hunt launched into Steam Early Access in late March this year to universal acclaim, and released its first big update in May. This content patch and roadmap are just two more steps in the game’s journey to full commercial launch.

Midnight Ghost Hunt is available on Steam Early Access for $19.99 at full price, but those looking to join the (bargain) hunt can grab the game at a 30% discount from today until July 7th in Steam’s Summer Sale.

Watch the launch trailer here.

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