Monster Combine TD Announced For 3DS

Monster Combine TD (1)

Exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS, Monster Combine TD is coming to the Nintendo eShop! Monster Combine TD brings a fresh and intuitive gameplay to the world of Tower Defense games.

Monster Combine TD (2)

Take on a new adventure to change the tragic fate of a prestigious school of wizardry and witchcraft. This is where your journey will start…oh…the school is closed for summer vacations…

Monster Combine TD (3)

No problem! The janitor is always there!Beginning as a simple battle with others students to eventually traveling to a parallel world full of danger, a lot of surprises awaits you. Defend the school’s gates and take control of the battlefield by summoning mythic creatures and monsters.

Monster Combine TD (6)

With your summoning book which contains a board for you to set your monsters and your summoning cards, you’ve got everything needed to become a powerful summoner!

Monster Combine TD (4)

Summon simple goblins and make them evolve with elements and ability cards. Short or long range warriors, healers, flying beasts, lot of evolutions and fusions possible! Monsters directly coming from the Greek, Medieval, Germanic, Roman and others classic mythologies.

Monster Combine TD (7)

However, there is nothing typical in their crazy cartoon-style design. A Vampire who can’t fight but throw bats at the enemy, a Merman surfing on his blade, a Golem who attacks by throwing his head, a Unicorn tamed by a simple carrot, a huge Troll licking a lollipop and many more funny monsters.

Monster Combine TD (5)


Jim Smale

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