MTG Arena Comes To Mobile January 28th, Launching With Viking-themed Set Kaldheim

MTG Arena Comes To Mobile January 28th Launching With Viking-themed Set Kaldheim

Wizards of the Coast have to announced that Magic: The Gathering Arena, the digital version of Magic: The Gathering, will launch in early access on January 28th on selected Android devices, with additional Android devices and iOS support coming later this year. Android early access will include cross-platform support and all cards and formats available in the desktop version of MTG Arena including the upcoming release of Kaldheim, which debuted today. More details about the mobile version of MTG Arena are available here.

In a live showcase yesterday, Wizards of the Coast revealed all-new details and new cards for its upcoming Viking-inspired Magic: The Gathering set Kaldheim. The set will be available on MTG Arena starting Jan. 28 and everywhere else on Feb. 5 and introduces players to new characters, card mechanics, and fresh art designs. For the first time ever, players will experience snow-covered dual lands as well as Snow instants and Snow sorceries.

You can view an archived version of the debut broadcast on Magic’s Twitch channel here. Below is a quick look at the top details and cards from the event:

Kaldheim Showcase Frames
Kaldheim features showcase frames that offer a hand-chiseled look never seen on a Magic card before. These showcase frames appear on most of the legends cards in the set, including new cards shown Halvar, God of Battle and Tibalt, Cosmic Imposter/Valki, God of Lies.

Two New Card Mechanics
Kaldheim introduces new card mechanics Boast and Foretell. Boast lets players activate an ability only if a creature attacked this turn. Foretell allows players to exile cards from their hand face down to cast at a later time for its foretell cost. Returning mechanics include modal double face cards for lands and legendary gods, sagas and the snow-covered lands that feature a new snow frame.

Set Booster Fun
Kaldheim’s Set Booster packs contain basic snow lands or one of the new snow dual lands, with a chance to be foil. Players can also get cards featuring the Viking showcase or borderless frame treatment. The List cards are also being revamped with 40 or the 300 cards being swapped out for cards thematic to Kaldheim. (For the full manifest of The List, please visit the DailyMTG article outlining the changes.)

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