Multiplayer Horror FPS “Level Zero: Extraction” Open Beta Launches Today Out of PC Gaming Show

Experience a unique mix of survival horror and extraction shooter gameplay during

Steam Next Fest

Publisher tinyBuild and developer DogHowl Games announced at the PC Gaming Show today that Level Zero: Extraction, the upcoming multiplayer extraction horror game, will host an open beta test on Steam beginning today and continuing through Steam Next Fest until June 17. The announcement came with a brand-new gameplay trailer, highlighting its high-stakes asymmetric PvPvE action and tactical FPS combat.

Following a successful closed beta earlier this year, Level Zero: Extraction’s new open beta introduces a number of new features and updates based on player feedback. Discover new locations to explore, realistic military-grade weapons, and AI enemies for PvE gameplay, in addition to quality-of-life improvements to balance, combat mechanics, progression, server stability, and more.

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Developed in Unreal Engine 5 by the small but ambitious Ukraine-based studio DogHowl Games, Level Zero: Extraction is a new, original take on multiplayer survival horror. Players will embark on dangerous scavenging expeditions where multiple mercenary teams compete for valuable loot. Meanwhile, another two players will take on the role of deadly alien monsters that can only be killed with light, hunting the humans from the shadows.

Key Pillars:

  • Asymmetric multiplayer extraction horror is a brand-new take on the genre to create a totally unique experience
  • Play as human mercenaries fighting over valuable loot – or as deadly alien monsters in high-stakes battles
  • Intense first-person combat with immersive gunplay and melee mechanics
  • A vast arsenal of weapons and gadgets to help humans survive
  • Hunt humans with out-of-this-world alien abilities, including acid spit, live traps, vent crawling, EMP screams, heartbeat scans, and more
  • Deep progression system with a variety of new perks, items, and weapon attachments to unlock
  • Aliens can only be killed with light – this unique gameplay mechanic allows humans to strategically use light sources across the map to stave off monsters