Necronator: Dead Wrong gets its biggest update yet – Sand and Deliver

Progressive indie publisher Modern Wolf and developer Toge Productions have just dropped Necronator: Dead Wrong’s biggest and most exciting update yet – Sand and Deliver, available to play now!

Sand and Deliver introduces the game’s new desert sector, Al’Noobi, which will unlock once players have defeated Lord Balderdash at the end of the first sector of the game. Players can now venture onward into the desert and become the evil master of all they survey with new bosses to defeat, new enemies to fight, game changing spells to cast and additional relics to collect.

The new content will include:

  • New Sector: Al’Noobi
  • New Biomes: Desert and Cave
  • New Enemy Sets: Al’Noobi Combatants
  • New Boss/Hero Units: Snowfall Yeti and Al’Noobi Genie
  • New type of Card effects: Spawning Squads in the middle of the battlefield
  • New Spells: Sword and Board, Halt!, Shadow Shield (More Field Buff archetype support)
  • New Squads: Plague Doctor (Field Healer), Blunderbuss (Light AOE Unit), Warlock (Summoner Unit), Abomination (AOE Tank)
  • New Utility Cards
  • New Status Effect Cards
  • New Relics
  • New Epic Relics from Bosses which passively increases your hand size or mana regeneration

Sand and Deliver is the second in a series of major monthly content updates for Necronator: Dead Wrong. Modern Wolf and Toge Productions will be revealing details of the third wave of exciting new content very soon.

About Necronator: Dead Wrong
A comedic micro RTS game with a deck-building twist, Necronator: Dead Wrong allows players to collect and deploy undead units and build an army to conquer the insufferable goody-two shoes of the Livmor Alliance and restore Necronator to his former glory. Developed by Toge Productions, the creators of the Infectonator series and Coffee Talk, and published by progressive indie publisher Modern Wolf, the game’s unique art style and a series of different single-player narrative campaigns make for a quirky RTS game that oozes originality.

Watch launch trailer here:

Necronator: Dead Wrong is now available on Steam for PC.

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