NEScape Review (Nintendo Switch OLED)

For our NEScape Review, It’s you against the clock in an intense race to escape before time runs out! Do you have the mental fortitude to assemble the clues and connect the dots so that you might overcome the challenges and see what lies on the other side of the door? Being able to track your success by seeing the room change over time adds a unique experience to escape room games.

NEScape Review Pros:

  • Decent 8 Bit graphics.
  • 49.4MB download size.
  • Escape Room gameplay.
  • Screen border art.
  • Game manual acts as a tutorial.
  • Point and Click style controls.
  • A game timer that is continuously counting down.
  • You get no help and it’s a better game for it in many ways.
  • Manipulate and interact with a wide variety of items.
  • Music plays a big part in music and audio cues.
  • You can bring up the menu at any time.
  • The old school feels.
  • You are able to swap between locations.
  • Simple controls.
  • An excellent fit for the Nintendo Switch.
  • The puzzles are really clever.
  • It is unlike any other escape room game I have played.
  • The art and set pieces are wonderful.
  • It goes for a style and nails it.
  • I always felt like I was making progress even if it was only a small detail.
  • One of those games you think about when you are not playing it.

NEScape Review Cons:

  • Very difficult to start.
  • A lot of the game is trial and error.
  • Cannot rebind controls.
  • Once you have finished the game there is little reason to come back.
  • No touchscreen support.

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Official website.

Developer: KHAN Games

Publisher: 8-Bit Legit

Store Links –


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