New Videos And Images Of The Witch and The Hundred Knight

NIS America is thrilled to announce that Nippon Ichi Software’s exciting action RPG The Witch and the Hundred Knight will release on the PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system on March 25 in North America, and a few days earlier on March 21 in Europe! This title will be available in both retail and PSN form in both regions. To further add to the hype, A few new videos and screen shots have been released. Enjoy…

The first video clip shows how the Hundred Knight can combine the special skills at his disposal, called Tochkas, to clear a path through his enemies. Here, he sets up the Dekoimo diversions to draw the enemy in, then plops down a bomb to blast them all away!

The second video shows a little thing called Witch Domination. By successfully raiding a house, you get an item and can then visit the house again to reap various benefits, like boosting EXP, recovering Gigacals, or increasing the Bonus Meter. But be careful – raiding too many houses will increase your Karma and if that gets too high, you’ll have townsfolk throwing rocks at you!

And now time for more pictures!





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