Nicalis, Announce and release Cave Story’s Secret Santa

Cave Story's Secret Santa

Nicalis, today announced that Cave Story’s Secret Santa is now available as a free download for a limited time on Steam, GOG, and the Epic Games Store. It’s a bite-sized side story of stealth and puzzle-solving, with familiar characters and settings from Studio Pixel’s classic adventure.

In Cave Story’s Secret Santa, players take control of Santa, the Mimiga from Cave Story who lives in the Bushlands. His task is to return all the Christmas presents that were stolen by Chaba. As he tiptoes past the beds of sleeping residents and avoids being seen by patrolling Gaudi, Santa finds useful items, eats delicious cookies, and places the gifts under the Christmas trees where they belong.

Santa can push or pull obstacles, turn light switches on and off, pry open ventilator shafts, and more. But he’ll have to watch out for hazards and avoid making any noises that might attract attention.

Cave Story’s Secret Santa was developed by Nicalis with the cooperation of Daisuke Amaya of Studio Pixel, continuing a collaboration that began in 2010 with the console release of the original Cave Story. It will evoke pleasant memories of the video games that players enjoyed for the first time on Christmas day. Oh, Yeaaah!!


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Secret Santa can be downloaded for free for a limited time at the following links:

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