Nintendo Christmas Gift Guide


It’s that time Christmas time is here and we’ve got a guide for all things Nintendo this year! Whether you are looking for games, consoles, or accessories we have you covered. We have trawled our site and hand-picked the best Nintendo products for this Christmas. Welcome to our Nintendo Christmas Gift Guide.

Nintendo Switch OLED Console:

I mean come on you didn’t expect us not to mention this beast, did you? You can read our full Nintendo Switch OLED Console Review or just know that it is one of the better iterations of the Nintendo Switch. The OLED screen makes every game look better and with that, they feel better, that’s just science. Seriously though the upgrades under the hood, the screen, and the overall performance make an OLED worth the price of upgrading. Even more so if you do have the console propped up with the stand as this one is a million times better and safer than before.

Metroid Dread:

Following on from our Metroid Dread Review you cannot deny how this game has revitalized the series, It has been a long time coming hut not only do we have a new Metroid game, we have a good new Metroid game. Join Samus as you explore new worlds and take on all new enemies including the deadly E.M.M.I machines that will ruthlessly hunt you down. From action to stealth to a bit of scary tension Metroid Dread has done more than enough to earn your game money this Christmas.

Gioteck WX4 Wireless Controller

This is an absolute must for gamers with big hands! This pad made a huge difference for me, I always found the official Nintendo Switch controllers to always feel a bit different like it’s too big or not shaped for comfort. It’s not a problem for everyone but if you find you are like me then this controller should be under your tree. You can get a longer more in-depth write-up with our Gioteck WX4 Wireless Controller Review. You can use this with a cable if you prefer but the wireless is easy to set up and the battery life, in particular, is very impressive.

Mario Party Superstars:

Being Christmas I’m sure you will eventually get in a situation where you need a game that is family-friendly and fun. Mario Party will always fill that void, For Mario Party is a game all about mini-games and backstabbery as you all try and collect the most stars when navigating the game board. I mean any Mario game will be family-friendly at this point but this is a game where you can get a group together. If you need more details then our Mario Party Superstars Review has you covered.


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