Outbreak Endless Nightmares Gets A Huge Performance Patch Across All Systems

Outbreak: Endless Nightmares developer Dead Drop Studios has a small hit on its hands with almost three times more sales at launch than any Outbreak titles in the past.

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The update now features revamped 1st and 3rd person views that feature free look, strafing, precision aiming, and more – a welcome addition for those used to aiming with the right analog stick. Performance optimizations were conducted across the board—drastically improving loading times on current-gen consoles (Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4) and also delivering silky-smooth frame rates on Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5. Finally, visual and sound effects are now more punchy and realistic—fully delivering the operatic carnage the Outbreak series is known for.

  • Every single improvement was driven by community feedback.
  • First- and third-person views now feature free look, strafing, and precision aiming.
  • First-person mode now also allows players to better see both weapon and player models during gameplay.
  • Frame rates, load times, and visual fidelity improved across all supported platforms.
  • Gameplay balancing (including combat, puzzles, UI, controls and more) adjusted based on community suggestions.
  • VFX updated to deliver more realistic gore and explosions.
  • Significant improvements to co-op gameplay—including balancing, bug fixes and much, much more!

Fans of the series can now pre-order a special physical edition containing the first five Outbreak titles from Limited Run Games! The bundle contains the PS4 versions of Outbreak: EpidemicOutbreak: Lost Hope, Outbreak: The Nightmare ChroniclesOutbreak: The New Nightmare, and the original Outbreak. (All games also run on PS5.)

outbreak physical

Limited Run Games:

The Outbreak Collection (which includes the first 5 games in the series) can now be pre-ordered from Limited Run Games!


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