Parkasaurus Reveals Early Access Date

Washbear Studio is delighted to announce that their dinosaur theme park tycoon simulation game Parkasaurus will officially enter Steam Early Access on Tuesday, September 25th 2018. Parkasaurus features a uniquely designed aesthetic and gameplay that takes inspiration from classics such as DinoPark Tycoon and Theme Park. The regular price will be$19.99/€19.99.

Parkasaurus challenges players to plan, design, and construct exhibits that maximize their Dinos’ happiness and the park guests’ willingness to spend money! Starting with only a dream and an abandoned park, players will discover new technologies, new attractions and a special bond with all their Dinos. As the days pass in Parkasaurus players will watch Dinos grow from little runts to giant best friends, unlock new accessories for them to wear, and help guide them through diverse seasons that each come with their own unique fun, beauty and challenges. In Parkasaurus fortune is a real possibility and money management is an absolute necessity.

Check out all the dino action in this new trailer.

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Jim Smale

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