Pathless Woods Preview (Steam Early Access)

Pathless Woods Preview, Embark on a cozy open-world survival journey inspired by ancient China’s heritage. Gather resources, cultivate crops, build your dream home, and defend it from marauders. Team up with friends to explore and uncover a world where adventure meets serenity.

Pathless Woods Preview Pros:

  • Decent brig bright graphics.
  • 1.16GB download size.
  • Steam achievements.
  • Graphics settings – windowed, resolution, graphics quality preset, fps cap, ui scaling slider, anti-aliasing, v-sync, bloom, depth of field, motion blur, saturation, contrast, and turn off airborne particles.
  • Controls settings – Invert axis and sensitivity sliders, auto-targeting, mouse middle button support, toggle run, and remap controls for both the mouse and the keyboard.
  • Game settings – language, scene loading range, grass rendering range, number of players, character attack direction, auto-save frequency, stamina bar anchor, fixed mini-map, and when obtaining items prioritize entry into the bag.
  • The user manual is used for recapping and reading up on items, mechanics, etc.
  • An opening Prologue acts as a tutorial for the controls and sets the story up.
  • Online play support using the room name joining system.
  • Setting up a world lets you name it, world seed (which you can randomize or type in), set it to online or offline, number of players, and if you have friendly damage on or off.
  • Four worlds save slots.
  • Two initial characters to play as – LiangPing or QiaoER. Each has a set of initial skins, and each has unique traits.
  • A full 3D world with 360-degree camera control.
  • You can craft basic items from the menu/inventory.
  • Hot is at the bottom lets you quickly swap items/weapons/tools and drop anything.
  • Using tools like axes and picks use a mini-game system where you press and let go of your swings, aiming for the bar in the middle. Do 3 perfect hits in a row and you do a fourth stronger hit. You can still do it the old-fashioned way of pressing a button over and over but it takes longer.
  • Hold the pick-up button to gather everything nearby.
  • To guide you along there is a pop-up of quests as you play.
  • Recipes unlock as you collect new materials.
  • Turn the mouse cursor on and off.
  • You can still play how you want ignoring tasks.
  • Hover text shows what you have highlighted and control button icons.
  • Drag and drop inventory.
  • Save when you want.
  • When building pieces will snap together and can be rotated and modified.
  • Nyctophobia is where your mental burden will increase at night unless you build light sources, and not doing so will accelerate your spirit cost.
  • Sleeping lets you skip a night.
  • Being undercover lowers the durability rate of tools and weapons.
  • Uses thirst and hunger bars that need to be maintained at all times.
  • Beautiful landscapes full of stunning vistas and memorable locations.
  • The lock-on button for combat allows you to roll/dodge and charge up attacks.
  • The world is open to you straight away.
  • You can build a fully working farm and set up irrigation and methods to make them self-sustaining.
  • Every trip out into the open feels like an adventure.
  • You can open and use multiple windows/systems at once.
  • Full day and night cycle with different weather effects.

Pathless Woods Preview Cons:

  • No native controller support as of yet.
  • Loading times are up and down.
  • No voice work so a lot of reading.
  • No way to set up the camera to follow you instead you have to keep rotating it.
  • Controls are not as smooth as you would like.
  • So much to take in.
  • It’s a very daunting game at first and frustrating as the controls don’t feel great, a lot of menus to navigate and it’s very brief on descriptions of tasks.
  • Weapon durability is painfully quick.
  • No way to turn off or tone down the food and thirst meters.
  • At times it feels like you are always just exploring to find more food and water.
  • The quests side of things is more a guided tutorial and the game doesn’t really have any set goals or end game in mind it seems.
  • The game can hang or not load up the menus causing you to hard shut down.

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Pathless Woods:

Official website.

Developer: AniYa Games Studio

Publisher: AniYa Games Studio

Store Links –

Steam Early Access

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