Pin Jack Macot Figurines added to ‘Corpse Party: Blood Drive’ Pre Order Limited Edition Pack

Corpse Party Blood Drive (1)

Marvelous Europe today announces a brand new ‘Pin Jack‘Mascot Figurines to the physical line-up of Corpse Party: Blood Drive. Previously Corpse Party: Blood Drive offered two distinct physical editions for pre-order on the Marvelous Store, the ‘Standard Edition’ and the ‘Everafter Edition’, the latter of which is complete with a 2-disc compilation Soundtrack and detailed Artbook highlighting songs and art from previous iterations in the series in addition to new Blood Drive assets. In keeping with Marvelous Europe’s relentless push to provide fans with bigger and better physical editions, the publisher is excited to announce the ‘Heavenly Host Edition’.

Corpse Party Blood Drive (14)

As shown above, the ‘Heavenly Host Edition’ comes packaged with the same Soundtrack and Artbook featured in the ‘Everafter Edition’ but now also includes TWO additional Corpse Party: Blood Drive ‘Pin-Jack Mascots’ featuring main characters “Ayumi Shinozaki” and “Yuka Mochida” (packaged separately). Pin-Jack Mascots heads can be detached from their body and proudly displayed in any 3.55mm jack port on any device, or alternatively displayed as normal figurines. The ‘Heavenly Host Edition’ is priced at £49.99 and is only available on the Marvelous store.

With the introduction of a brand new edition we are lowering the price of the ‘Everafter Edition‘ to £39.99 (from £44.99) and offering current customers who have previously pre-ordered the ‘Everafter Edition‘ a £5 refund, or a FREE UPGRADE to the ‘Heavenly Host Edition‘.

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