PlanetSide 2’s Anniversary Celebrations Kick Off With WarStories Community Campaign And The One-Year Anniversary Bundle

European publisher ProSiebenSat.1 Games and developer Sony Online Entertainment are celebrating the first anniversary of PlanetSide 2. Since its release on 20th November 2012, the popular online action game has captivated more than 6 million players worldwide. To celebrate the first birthday of the online action game, PlanetSide 2 players are being given the one-time opportunity to obtain sought-after boosts and valuable in-game items with the “One-Year Anniversary Bundle”.

What’s more, European players can share their most exciting PlanetSide 2 experiences with the community in the “Share your WarStories” community campaign: The best stories will be transformed exclusively into high-quality graphic novels by Colin M. Winkler. Great prizes will be raffled amongst all participants.

The battle is over but the threat remains!

“It is a hopeless, desperate and bold resistance against enemy of sheer indomitable numbers, the deafening click of the empty magazine, spelling the downfall of all – until the last second when an army of allied Galaxies blackens the sky, and salvation approaches in the form of alert and well-equipped comrades.”

Many of the exciting tales that PlanetSide 2 players have to tell since the war on Auraxis has reignited might start out like this. Tales of allies and of deceit, of honourable comrades and relentless opponents, of gruelling battles for coveted posts and carefully planned strategies that bought about the decisive turning point in a battle. It is these stories and moments that givePlanetSide 2 its completely unique character and that now offer players across Europe the big chance to scoop some great prizes.

Become a hero in the chronicles of PlanetSide 2

PlanetSide 2 fans have the one-time opportunity to win their experiences on Auraxis in graphic novel form – now. Any PlanetSide 2 player sharing their best and most exciting “WarStories” with the entire world can become a celebrated comic-book hero by sending them to the email address[email protected] between 20/11/2013 and 17/12/2013. All of the submitted stories will be presented to the European PlanetSide 2 community between 04/12/2013 and 07/01/2014 and the most exciting stories will be voted for.

The PlanetSide 2 Team at ProSiebenSat.1 Games will then choose the winning stories, which will then find their way into the colourful world of illustrator Colin M. Winkler. In addition to detailed and vivid comic book interpretations of the most exciting WarStories, ProSiebenSat.1 Games is also giving away many other cool prizes, such as graphics cards, mice and hoodies.

Peter Brolly, Productmanager for PlanetSide 2 at ProSiebenSat.1 Games, reviewing an exciting first year with PlanetSide 2. “What can I say: it’s been an absolutely fantastic first year! There have been so many amazing moments over the past twelve months where we in the team can safely say that every minute we’ve spent on this game has been totally worth it:  the close co-operation with our incredible EU outfits, the fun we’ve had working on our new web show “Warpgate” and above all else – the awesome feeling of being part of something as huge as PlanetSide 2.  No game comes close to offering the exhilaration experienced in epic battles here, and our community have as much to do with that as those who work on the game. So thanks to all our players for continuing to makePlanetSide 2 so amazing and well, see you on all on the battlefield!”

Full Details:

“Share your WarStories” dates:

20/11/2013 – 17/12/2013 – Enter your story
04/12/2013 – 07/01/2014 – Community vote
08/01/2014 – 21/01/2014 – Jury decision
22/01/2014 – Prizes awarded/start of production
13/05/2014 – Release of the PlanetSide 2 – Graphic Novel
“Share you WarStories” prizes:

1st place – Three winners, one per Empire

  • Story will be released as a graphic novel
  • 1x GIGABYTE Geforce GTX 770 OC graphics card
  • 1x Mad Catz R.A.T. 7 PlanetSide 2 gaming mouse
  • 1x PlanetSide 2 mouse pad
  • 1x PlanetSide 2 hoodie (Empire of your choice)
  • 1x PlanetSide 2 box

2nd place – Three winners, one per Empire

  • 1x Mad Catz R.A.T. 7 PlanetSide 2 gaming mouse
  • 1x PlanetSide 2 mouse pad
  • 1x PlanetSide 2 hoodie (Empire of your choice)
  • 1x PlanetSide 2 box

3rd place – Three winners, one per Empire

  • 1x Mad Catz R.A.T. 7 PlanetSide 2 gaming mouse
  • 1x PlanetSide 2 mouse pad
  • 1x PlanetSide 2 box

All other WarStories finalists involved in the preliminary vote will each receive a retail copy ofPlanetSide 2. As well as the current game client, this also includes the 24 Carat Power Pack with box-exclusive golden weapons per Empire, 1,000 SevenCash, a 7-day +50% XP boost and the Battle Buddy, a 3-day +50% XP boost for you to give to a friend.

More information about PlanetSide 2 – “Share your WarStories”

PlanetSide 2 “One-Year Anniversary Bundle”

In addition to the “Share your WarStories” community campaign, ProSiebenSat.1 Games is also offering PlanetSide 2 well-wishers the opportunity to obtain a sensational boost and item package, for a limited time. As well as a 6-month Heroic Boost, purchasers of the “One-Year Anniversary Bundle” will also receive a multi-piece One-Year Anniversary Camo set, highly sought-after Headshot Decals and a whole load of firepower in the form of coveted PlanetSide 2 weapons systems. The “One-Year Anniversary Bundle” has an approximate value of 100.00 EUR and is available now in the PlanetSide 2 Shop for 3.999 SC.

PlanetSide 2 Anniversary Decal Item Giveaway

All PlanetSide 2 players, who joined the beta phase, who played on the launch day or who playedPlanetSide 2 anytime in the last year will each get an exclusive goodie automatically. These veterans can look forward to receiving one of these PlanetSide 2 Decals which have been created by Senior Art Director Tramell Isaac especially for the anniversary from December 2nd, 2013.

Contents of the PlanetSide 2 “One-Year Anniversary Bundle”:

  • Heroic Boost – 50% – 6 months
  • Headshot Vehicle Decal
  • Headshot Armor Decal
  • One-Year Anniversary Armor Camo
  • One-Year Anniversary Weapon Camo
  • One-Year Anniversary Vehicle Camo
  • NC Rocket Launcher (Phoenix AE)
  • TR Rocket Launcher (Striker AE)
  • VS Rocket Launcher (Lancer AE)
  • RAMS .50M
  • EM4 Longshot
  • Parallax VX3
  • Serpent VE92
  • LC3 Jaguar
  • Razor GD-23
  • Corvus VA55
  • TAR
  • Carnage BR

PlanetSide 2 is available in stores for 9.99 EUR (inc. VAT).

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