PlayStation All-Stars In Iconic Movie Stand-Offs Feature

PlayStation’s All-Stars meet their match in artist Aled Lewis, as he creates a series of works with favourite characters in iconic movie stand-offs

Fifteen years in the making, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale brings all of PlayStation’s most-loved and iconic characters into the same game – with one aim – to beat each other to a pulp. No holds barred, anything goes and showing no mercy until there is only one eventual winner.

To celebrate the All-Stars from PlayStation’s past, present and future – designer, illustrator and life-long gamer Aled Lewis combines the formidable foes of the gaming world into silver screen situations with a trio of special works called, The Challengers Appear that sees the All-Stars square up in cinema’s most memorable stand-offs.

Aled Lewis has put his own personal appreciation of video gaming into the pieces. He commented;

“I was thrilled to be asked to design three pieces for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale – I’ve always been an avid video game player and a huge fan of the 8-Bit look of the early generations of games. The pixelated designs as a kid allowed for your mind to wander and offer scope for what the characters might really look like. In keeping with this and in appreciation for the original game artists I wanted to use this style when creating these iconic images.”

These include:

The Karate Kid:

God of War’s Kratos faces LittleBigPlanet’s Sackboy in the final of the ‘All Valley Karate Tournament’. Never has the term, ‘under-dog’ been so apt.




Everyone’s favourite Fat Princess takes on the famous 72 steps of the entrance of the ‘Philadelphia Museum of Art’. How long it took her to finally make it to the top however…



Reservoir Dogs:

Jak&Daxter get the Tarintino treatment as one of the most famous scenes from the film gets extra tense with an added Morph Gun



PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Product Manager, Josh Walker from Sony Computer Entertainment commented on the collaboration;

“We were thrilled to work with Aled. We’ve been long term fans of his Video Game vs Art series which were hilariously funny and visually interesting pieces that merged pop culture entertainment genres. So with the impending release of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale we jumped at the chance to collaborate with him – he was the perfect choice to pay homage to some great gaming characters.”

As part of the project a ‘Behind the Scenes’ film has been made which includes exclusive interviews with Aled not only on the development of this collaboration but what makes him tick as an artist – from his inspiration to his creative process.

The film will be premiered on 21st November on the PlayStation YouTube channel


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