PlayStation All Stars Wish List

playstation all stars

Released last year to a mixed set of reviews, we take a look at PlayStation All Stars and give our opinion on what needs to be added to the game. As it stands the game does the combat very well, but it needs more. It feels like a half finished game and needs more love. It needs to carve out its own identity and banish the “Brawl” clone persona.


What it needs:

  • More levels.
  • More characters.
  • More pick ups, mostly to compliment new players or even existing players
  • A meatier more believable story for each character. How about a central story and just have each characters participation explained. Sounds a bit too close to the overall story of Brawl but if they do a good different story, I see no problem.
  • New games modes like knock out tournaments or a survival mode or a scenario based game type.Co-Op story or section? enemies unite against a common enemy. Bloodbath mode where upto say 10 people can all jump in and just destroy each other in a quick fire first to X amount of kills mode.
  • More environmental hazards. Or more level rotation changing from to two to 3 or have secret areas locked away that can be un earthed by smashing an opponent through a wall or floor.
  • Need to have other characters from the same universe to make the story a bit more believable. For example have another Tekken character. You could incorporate this into a new mechanic. Have a friends and foes set up where you can earn extra AP from hitting your foe or less from friends or something.

Characters/Levels suggestions:

  • Crash Bandicoot, heralded as the first mascot of Sony. The desicion to leave him out was a strange one. His level could be a great big colourful explosion of fun on Wumpa Island with some great sound effects. His specials can evolve around the Aku Aku masks. 
  • Spyro The Dragon, maybe with Gnastys world as his level. Having a flame based character could be diverse enough to work.
  • Wipeout Level, Have a beatiful level with ships flying around in the background. Or have it cycling through the many levels as you fight aboard the planes? Hell you could even put a Wipeout ship as a playable character. Sounds crazy but SEGA did a Daytona car in Fighters Megamix!
  • Sonic? Why not it will be a good fit and again it happened in other games. Give us a Green Hill level and your good to go.
  • Kiryū Kazuma a serious ever sight in my book. Have a level set around the bustling streets of Tokyo or even on the roof top of the Millenium tower.
  • Rico from Killzone and gives them another crack at making another Killzone level.
  • Gran Turismo level. Like the Wipeout one with a rolling road or a panoramic view of a course with a race going on in the background.
  • MAG, could do with a bit of exposure, how about a character where choosing different costumes changes the faction. So no need for 3 separate characters. The level again could be set in a war torn town or one of the many other urban levels. A special move could be calling in a air strike or gas bomb barrage.
  • SingStar level which would probably be something as simple as a stage with flashing lights and strobes.
  • Demon/Dark Souls character with a huge mighty sword like the Dragon Bone Smasher. The possibility of a dark twisted, scary level would be brilliant.
  • Monster Hunter character with his own level set around the Tundra maybe?
  • Lara Croft, because lets face it, she helped put PlayStation One on the map and the game needs more female characters.
  • Lets get some Ni No Kuni love in there! Get Oliver with his army of familiars in on the action. Best part is you have a whole host of gorgeous levels to pick from.

PlayStation AllStars

As with all games of this nature, I suspect licensing agreements are the biggest headaches of this problem. Its a shame as all this corporate paperwork crap really affects us players. But that’s the nature of the beast and one that will remain for ever. Just a few of these characters and levels would help add much needed content to the game. As I said the game-play of the actually fighting is really good, with SuperBot dedicated to keeping it balanced and listening to fan feedback via patches, the game just needs a bit more appeal. As with all games you can probably bet your bottom dollar that we will get some DLC and then the rest will be done via a new game. Hopefully Superbot read this and at least look into it. If you can think of anymore additions I may have missed out, then by all means leave a comment below.


Jim Smale

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