Prevent base raids from the comfort of your phone with Rust+ : the official companion app for Rust

Facepunch Studios are happy to reveal the Companion App update for Rust, the popular sandbox survival game for PC. With brand-new content  bug fixes and improvements the update will go live June 4th at 7pm BST.

Available now on iOS and Android devices, Rust+ lets you pair with your favourite servers to talk with your team, receive alerts when you’re being raided, remotely set off traps, and more!

Rust+ Features

  • Explore the Map

View the full server map to find points of interest, see where your teammates are and check on vending machines. You can also track ongoing events like the attack helicopter and cargo ship.

  • Keep up with your team

Communicate with your team from anywhere to just catch up or plan for your next raid. Messages are visible in both the app and the in-game team chat so you can seamlessly switch between the two.

  • Control your in-game devices

Connect Smart Switches and Smart Alarms to your in-game electrical contraptions and pair them with Rust+ to control them remotely at any time. Smart Switches let you turn things on or off, and Smart Alarms send customizable push notification alerts when an electrical signal is detected.

  • Get the latest Rust news

Get notified about new Rust blogs and news so you can stay on top of the latest updates, or catch up on older blogs you may have missed.

New game content

New items and building blocks will be available in-game. These build on the revolution brought by the Electric Anniversary update last year, which introduced electricity to Rust (naturally this led to electric signs, controls and prisons). Also, vital innovations like triangle floor frames.

  • Smart Switch –  an improved electrical switch that can be turned on or off from Rust+ (or manually). You can pair it with Rust+ by holding down the Use key (E) and selecting the pair option.
  • Smart Alarm – also paired with Rust+ anyone who does pair will receive a push notification when it is turned on, as long as they still have building privilege. The notification message is also fully customizable so you can adapt it to any use case.
  • New Building Blocks – Including new stairs, ramps for vehicles, steps, as well as triangle floor frames, ladder hatches and floor grills

For the full list of additions, bug fixes and quality of life improvements, or to learn more about the update, please visit the Rust blog on June 4th at 7pm BST:

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