Preview: Crea-Steam Early Access


Crea is an easily moddable, 2D sandbox game with RPG elements, a lighthearted mood and a colorful art style.


  • Graphics are well detailed in terms of the land and creatures, Every now and then the sprites can look a bit low spec to the rest of the game but overall it is a nice looking 2D game.
  • Make your own character, Name and clothe your character in standard clothes. You can adjust the hair and colour of all clothes and characteristics.
  • Controls are mostly done on the mouse with a primary weapon/skill used on either mouse buttons. If you have played Terraria or StarBound then you will feel right at home here. The keyboard is used for menu interaction and pausing etc.
  • Gather resources for crafting by chopping down trees and killing enemies or finding loot that is randomly placed all over the level.
  • Your starting gear is an axe,club,fireball and healing.
  • Aside from the typical combat items mostly associated with Terraria, You also have MP and can use magic and spells.
  • Huge selection of enemies that all have unique attack patterns and all re act differently to you.
  • Biomes are varied and spread out all over the world. Usual suspects such as Jungle, Snow and dessert can be found along with some darker areas that il leave to you to find. Different biomes will have different trees, blocks and enemies.
  • You auto heal outside of combat. It is slow but still a great addition.
  • First Aid button will replenish a chunk of health and comes with its own cooldown.
  • You can have multiple characters and worlds saved and jump between them at any time through the main menu.
  • Normal and hardcore difficulties.Hardcore is your rogue dark souls setting where death is death and you have to start again.
  • Choose world size: small, medium and large.
  • Day/Night cycle with some brilliant Moon and sun animations as they set and rise in the background.
  • Crafting is done through the menu and will show all the needed ingredients.
  • Research, Before you can make anything or even find out what you need to make items, You must first research the plans at a special research table.
  • Bindable keys.
  • Have a map with two views, Mini one that comes up in the centre and is transparent or change to a hard copy full screen number.
  • Tutorial screen telling you how to use the UI and a few other basic need to knows.
  • Has multiplayer and you connect to IP addresses just like in Terraria/Starbound etc.
  • You can earn exp or TP as it is known in the game, Level up your character and unlock the ability to buy upgrades like more health or better defense. Each upgrade option has its own level system so you can keep upgrading the same skill.
  • Trees will grow back within minutes of chopping them down.
  • You can craft and upgrade your items to make them better.
  • Use and collect diamonds to activate Crystal portals that are used for fast travel around the world.
  • Has many RPG mechanics at work and the more you level up, The more you unlock to do.
  • Clean UI with a save button. Keyboard shortcuts keep it quick to browse but even using it through the main menu button, Speed is the key here.
  • So many different weapons,items and armour to find and craft. Added in that all items are different spec wise, coupled with special abilities in some items the list is huge. Bows,swords and of course magic just brings in an astonishing number of items.
  • Mods: The game is being built from scratch with mod support at the forefront. Everything in game can be tinkered with. An active community has already begun work on adding new areas, monsters and items.


  • Controls in terms of walking and jumping feels a bit clunky and not as smooth as other games in the genre.
  • Healing with the first aid requires you to click your character to use it, Really awkward and annoying when your in need of a fix.
  • Needs more video options, Currently only resolution and fullscreen yes/no are available.
  • Map isnt very clear at first.
  • The first few games will feel slow and unrewarding as you look to learn the games basics.
  • Couldnt find any NPC characters to interact with.
  • Did not see any settlements to explore but my character is only a few hours old so it may be in there.

In Summary, Not another Terraria clone. That is what I will always say first when asked about Crea. Yes it is similiar but its more its the same genre than the same game. The addition of a rich and rewarding upgrade options mixed with magic use is miles ahead of other games in the genre. The combat is varied and requires skill and practice, Its rewarding and solid. The game still suffers from the early game slowness associated with these games but once you break through that barrier, You get a really really good game. Multiplayer still has a few kinks in it but you can see the potential. For how early in production the game is, It has loads to do and could easily be passed off as near finished. The dev is active and always around the forums and replying which is a good sign. If you are a fan of Terraria/Starbound or just want a new challenge then this is the game for you. With a simple tagline “If you cant find it, Mod it!”


You can buy the game through Steam here.

Jim Smale

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