Preview: Minimum-Steam Early Access

Set in a minimalistic stylized universe, Minimum features fast-paced combat with an elaborate blueprint crafting system that pits two teams against each other with their own gigantic robotic Titan. Collect materials from fallen foes and build damaging weapons to become deadlier as matches progress.


  • Minimalist graphics where the world in which you fight is a straight edged,cubed battleground. Player models are big chunky block shaped robot esque in appearance.
  • Level design is clever, giving player multiple routes around the level and the Titans following a pre determined path in the middle of the battle field.Go from a canyon level with hidden caves and structures overlooking the open ground. Tto the tight confines of a robot factory with slim corridors, elevators and hidden rooms. Every level brings a new unique way in which to play the game.
  • Detailed video options including v-sync,motion blur,resolution and many more.
  • Key binding is available.
  • 360 Pad support works in game straight away and button prompts do come up with the correct icons.
  • Full Steam integration with cloud save,achievements and the ability to join friends games already up and running.
  • Pop up hint messages will greet you upon first entering the game UI, Explaining what everything is and where to find it. Really in depth and goes into blueprints,collecting materials and how to make new weapons.
  • UI itself is clean and fresh looking. Minimum (pun intended) menu structure with everything just a click away and everything having a description.
  • Missions start off simple, Like kill ten players with a particular gun, Building in difficulty and serving as a kind of tutorial itself. As missions will see you trying out the many guns and armour on offer and reward you for finishing them.
  • Killing enemies will drop a collection of bits, used for crafting items back in the menu. Another thing that the bits can be used for is to craft armour in game.
  • New armour parts can be bought in the in game shop and make them available in game. All armour grants a buff but also decreases another attribute. So for example a piece of armour could increase your damage to titans but also decrease your health. Mixing and matching your armour is a sure fire way to improve your game.
  • Aside from armour you can also craft and use new weapons, Only difference is you do all this back in the main menu’s.
  • In game, when you kill someone and collect the bits, You also collect a piece that instantly upgrades your gun a level. Be warned that if you die that you will also lose the upgrades of that gun. Its a mechanic that keeps it all interesting and varied.
  • Matchmaking is quick and for the most part,well behaved in putting you in full games.
  • Titan mode is the only mode available at the moment but is a great mode. You have a titan that will make its way to the enemy base. The enemy also have a titan and is looking to do the same. You can aid your titan by killing enemies,taking on the enemy titan or by doing in game tasks like kill the golden creeper to slow the enemy. Titans do re-spawn but get kicked back to the beginning of the level.
  • Non violent creepers are in some levels and do drop pieces so its worth tracking them down for quick level ups.
  • You can have up to 6 loadouts and can even rename them. Swapping between loadouts is done at spawn and very easy to swap out.
  • Full stats screen on the main page that shows games played,lost,drawn. Your KDR and many other items.
  • Shooting and general controls are really tight and well tuned. Jumping and shooting,dodging and sniping is a joy to play.


  • Only one game mode at the moment but more is coming.
  • Unbalanced guns at the moment. Already killer loadouts are being used with people spamming the sword due to its incredibly quick upgrade to crazy duel sword status.
  • Spawn camping is common and even more so when you get games where people play for kills and dont play the objective.
  • Iin game the pad works but you still need the keyboard to pick loadouts,spawn etc.
  • No practice area so its a big learning curve for new players.
  • Music is repetitive and stuck on an endless loop. More of an issue on the main screen.
  • People can steal your bits after a kill which includes the upgrade piece.

In Summary, The game is so much fun to play. I mean the first few games are a bit of an ordeal as you struggle to learn the stream of play. New players will always feel like they are getting the raw deal as they learn the ropes. Once learnt and you stick with it, The game really opens up and the crafting aspect, mixing armour builds together all add to an already great game. The ease of accessibility and tight controls make for a rewarding game. Yyes it will be a slow starter but to be honest, Thats the way with most new games or genre changers like this. The forum on Steam is a great resource with some really helpful players giving advice. The dev is committed to constantly updating the game and it shows with the latest update, adding a new map and a few new blueprints. You can expect a full review once the game leaves early access and if you are interested in buying the game, Then a link will be provided below.

Jim Smale

Gaming since the Atari 2600, I enjoy the weirdness in games counting Densha De Go and RC De Go as my favourite titles of all time. I prefer gaming of old where buying games from a shop was a thing, Being social in person was a thing. Join me as I attempt to adapt to this new digital age!