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Here is a full walk-through of the excellent point-and-click game Primordia. Now available on the Nintendo Switch as well as the PC version on Steam.

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Please only use this guide when you are stuck as it will spoil the whole game.


Use the hatchway to go downstairs
Go through the doors until you reach Engineering
Watch the cutscene


(Behind the Uniic)

Pick up the datapouch lying on the ground in front of Horatio
Leave the room to the right.

(Front of the Uniic)

Pick up the gordium conduit by the ladder
Pick up the cable 
Use the generator
Take the putty
Exit the closeup
Use the ladder

(Outer hatchway)

Pick up the gordium conduit on the floor
Select the Crispin icon from the menu bar, and use Crispin on the lantern on the shelf above. This gives you the lantern.
Take the stairs to the left


Use the lantern on the hatch way.


Look under the bed to get your plasma torch
Take the Book of Man on your side table
Press the blinking panel to lower the ladder 

Use the MAP icon on the menu bar and go to the Junkpile


Pick up the gordium conduits on the ground
Use the plasma torch on the box to open it (get a spark plug)
Look at the big pipe on the right side of the screen
Use Crispin on the big pipe to get another piece of Gordium conduit
Open your inventory. You should have 5 pieces of conduit. Use the plasma torch on them to weld them together.

Use the MAP to return to the Uniic

(Front of the Uniic)

Click on the generator to get a closeup
Use the conduits on the bottom socket
Use the sparkplug on the upper socket
Flip the switch to turn on the generator
Watch the cutscene


(Library room)

Leave the room to the right.


Click on the radio. Take the plug.
Take the LCD screen from the table (bottom of the screen)
Examine the notes on the floor until you find the plans for an energy sensor (learn you need a crystal, plug, cable and CPU)
Go back to Horatio's bedroom


There's a glint on Horatio's shelf. Click on the shelf to find a crystal
Open your inventory.
Use the plasma torch on the long cable to get a short cable
Use the short cable on the plug
Use the putty on the crystal
Use the crystal on the cable/plug
Go back to Engineering


Click on the Interface on the far wall to bring up a closeup
Plug the energy sensor into the socket
A bunch of coordinates will appear on the screen. These are coordinates where the sensor has detected energy sources. Don't worry about writing them down. The numbers will be recorded in your datapouch. BE SURE TO CLICK THE "DOWN" ARROW TO SEE ALL THE NUMBERS!
Click on the interface and pick up the energy sensor again
Walk out of the hole in the wall to the right
Pick up the rag (it will fly away).
Go to the room behind the Uniic

(Behind the Uniic - the area Horatio woke up in after being attacked)
Pick up the rag that has gotten caught on a piece of debris
Go to the roof


Click on the telescope.
Test out the various coordinates that the energy sensor picked up. When you finish, you will have two new locations: Giant robot and Shrine.


Use the MAP and go to the shrine


Speak to Ever-Faithful Leobuilt
Choose the dialog option "I am looking for a big robot..."
You will get a new location: Dome
Tell Ever-Faithful that you are a Humanist
Use your Book of Man to answer his questions properly. He will then ask who you are. No matter what you choose, the answer will be incorrect.

Use your MAP and go to the Dome


Click on the giant gun and get a CPU unit
Use the CPU unit on the "cable/crystal/plug"
Use the energy sensor/CPU on LCD screen. This will give you a mobile energy sensor.

Use your MAP and go back to the Uniic

(Front of the Uniic)

Use the rag on the oil puddle

Use your MAP and go to the Giant Robot

(Giant Robot Head)

Use the plasma torch on the big fingers to cut off a finger
Look at the vents on the head
Use the oily rag on Crispin
Use the finger on Crispin
(The giant mouth will open)
Enter the giant head


Use the elevator panel
Speak to Alpha and Beta
Ask them about the elevator (get elevator code - 9876)
Use the long cable on Crispin (he'll bring the cable up through the hatchway in the ceiling)
Climb the cable


Click on the floating robot (not Crispin!), He'll spout out a bunch of ones and zeros (a binary code).
Open the panel on the big brain
Pressing the switches turns the light next to it on or off. You need to set the lights to the binary code the floating robot gave you. 
Starting from the bottom: 001011010 (where zero means off, and one means on)
Press the red button. The brain is now working
Go back down to the Throat


Speak to Alpha and Beta about how you fixed the brain
Use the elevator panel and enter the code: 9876
Use the elevator


Click on the glowing monitor to talk to Gamma.
Use your mobile energy sensor to determine which monitor Gamma is in. Then use your Plasma Torch to destroy a monitor in which Gamma is NOT in!
Keep using the mobile energy sensor and your torch, until Gamma is trapped in one monitor.
(note: you can destroy Gamma if you want, but you won't get the most optimal ending)
Use the elevator again


Tell Alpha and Beta that you trapped Gamma
Leave the giant robot
Watch the cutscene (Goliath calls you Horus)

Use your MAP and go back to the shrine


Speak to Ever-Faithful
Tell him you know your name
Tell him Horus
Go to the shrine and take a bomblet.

Use your MAP and go back to the Uniic, then go to Engineering


Use the bomblet on the Cradle


(Front of the Uniic)

Use the bomblet on the oil puddle

Use your MAP and go back to the Junkpile


Wave the mobile energy sensor on the various pieces of junk until it glows. Click when the sensor glows.
Use Crispin on the piece of junk that the sensor indicated (receive a battery)

Use your MAP to go to the Dome


Click on the skeleton in front of the dome
Click on the pocket (receive a transmitter)
Use the battery on the transmitter
Use the sticky bomblet on the door of the dome
Use the transmitter on the dome
Enter the code 6325 (325 being the number of the bomb, and 6 being the prefix specified by Alpha and Beta)
Enter the dome


Talk to the machine on the left until it tells you to use the scanner.
Use the scanner
Take the ticket from the machine
Use the ticket on the scanner by the barrier
Go through the barrier

(Train station)

Wait for the train to arrive, and then board the train!

(Metropol train station)

Exit the train station until you get to Main Street


(Main Street)

Talk to Leopold (the robot calling out to you)
Ask what he has for sale
Click on the crowbar
Open your inventory and look at the burnt energy sensor
Trade the crystal for the crowbar
Go to the information kiosk
Type "LAW"
Take the printout
Open your inventory and LOOK at the printout (important)

(Tower base)

Look at the door and note that the damage is superficial
Go back to Main Street, and take the LEFT path

(Crash site)

Use Crispin on the cable to move it
Use Crispin on the floater
Continue to the left to go to...


Use the lamp on Crispin
Go back to the Crash site

(Crash site)

Use Crispin on the floater (get copper wiring)
Go back to the courthouse


Talk to the hat-wearing robot, or the round floating robot (Oswald and Cornelius)
Go through the dialog options 
Try to pass their test - don't worry if you fail. Ask them if somebody else can judge their case
Speak to the floating robot with the antennae on its head (Gimbal)
Use the transmitter on Gimbal
Go through through the dialog options until you learn about her motor
Speak to the robot on the steps (187th)
Go through all the dialog options, until you learn about what crime he committed
Tell him you examined the damage (if this option doesn't come up, go back to the Tower base and look at the door)
Show him the printout (make sure you looked at it first)
Go back to Main Street

(Main Street)

Use the crowbar on the manhole cover
Go down the ladder

There are a bunch of cars to the left. Use the crowbar on the car's hatch
Take the engine and fan belt
Take the left path

(Underworks Bridge)
Use Crispin on the keypad.
You can try to decipher the code on your own, or use the decryption module on Crispin and he'll use it to crack the code
(if you don't have the decryption module, the code is 137)
Cross the bridge

Speak to Clarity and go through all the dialog options.
Make sure she gives you an access card, and judges Oswald/Cornelius's case

Use your MAP and go back to Main Street

(Main Street)

Talk to Leopold
Trade the engine for the motor
Use the copper wiring on the motor
(solve the simple minigame to fix it)

Use your MAP and go back to the courthouse


Talk to Oswald/Cornelius
Tell them Clarity's judgement
Give the fixed motor to Gimbal
Pick up the hat
Go back to Main Street

(Main Street)
Speak to Leopold
Trade the hat for the memory module
Go back to the courthouse


Use the access card (that Clarity gave you) to open the door
Enter the courthouse

(Courthouse interior)

Walk closer to Arbiter
Use the lamp on the robot in the dark corner
Open your inventory
Use the memory module on the plug
Use the module+plug on the datapouch
Use the datapouch on the hole in the robot's head
(watch the cutscene)
Use the transmitter on the secretary robot

(Courthouse exterior)
Look at the object underneath Scraper's arms (it's a bomblet)
Either 1 - wait for Scraper to countdown (you will still survive)
or 2 - use the transmitter on the bomblet and use the code 6734

Use the MAP and go back to the crane (Clarity's lair)


Speak to Clarity about what happened. Receive 1/4 of the Council code
Leave the room with Clarity
Go to the main Underworks room

(Underworks - main)

Take the righthand path

(Underworks - Factor)

Click on the pile of junk on the water
Take the gold chain and your gospel
Enter the building at the end of the path

Open the hatch enter go down the ladder
Use the crowbar on the panel in the wall
Take the medal that fell on the floor
Look at the panel
Take the two gears

Use your map and go back to Main Street

(Main Street)
Use your gospel on Leopold (receive 2/4 of the Council Code)
Talk to Oswald and go through all the dialog options
Give the gold chain to Oswals
Talk to Oswald again and ask for his monocle
Click on the bar
Use both gears on the arm (gears are now clean)
Go to the Kiosk
Use the monocle on the kiosk screen
There is a series of wordplay related puzzles here. The result is a code that you need to type into the kiosk. If you would like to know the correct code, remove the X's from the following word: XOXRXAXCXLXEX
Talk to Memento Moribuilt
Ask for the council code twice (there's no way to save her). Receive 3/4 of the Council Code

Use your Map and go back to the Crane


Look at the heads on spikes. There's one that looks like Oswald. Take it.
Use the memory reader on the head to get the code 518


Look at the panel again
Put the oiled gears into the panel, and follow up with the fanbelt
Press the button
Use the transmitter on the radio tower
Transmit the code 518
Talk to Factotum
Give the head to Factotum (receive 4/4 of the Council code)

Use the MAP and go to the Tower


Use the keypad on the door
The code is: 4402480306751026
Enter the tower and go up the elevator


(Generator Room)

Watch the cutscene

Use the MAP and go to the Courthouse


Use the crowbar on Scraper's arm

(Train station)
Look at the map on the wall
Hover the mouse over the buttons until you find Calliope Station. Press it.
Enter the secret door

(Secret entrance)
Walk up the hallway until you get to a locked door
Use the plasma torch on the cables (make sure you have Scraper's arm in your inventory)
Enter the door

(Metromind's core)
Watch the cutscene
Example Crispin and pick up his personality matrix
There's a data chip on the floor. Pick it up
Use the decryption module (if you still have it) on the data chip

Walk back to the tower (your automap is now broken) and go back up the elevator

(Generator room)

Several ways to finish this. The two "best" endings are:

If you have the Thanatos Virus:
  - Use the virus on the transmitter
  - Use the virus on Scraper

If you don't have the virus
  - Use the plasma torch on the power core
  - Tell Metromind you will leave

You can also:

 - Climb to the roof using the emergency elevator shaft
 - Use the virus on the transmitter
 - Use the virus on the radio tower

 - Climb to the roof
 - Jump off the edge

 - Tell Metromind you will never join her

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