PS5 is leading next-gen pre-orders in the UK (new report)

PS5 is leading next-gen pre-orders in the UK

Video game research firm VGM and communication agency White Label PR has released a new Next-gen Console Preorder and Purchase Intent Report, based on the survey of UK-based gamers. This is a follow-up survey to its U.S. Next-Gen Purchase Intent report published in October.

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Key Takeaways:

– 26% of U.K. respondents say that they have successfully preordered a next-generation console, but a slightly higher percentage of participants (30%) say that they tried to preorder a next-gen console and were unable to do so.

– Among U.K. respondents that successfully preordered one or more next-gen consoles, 58% preordered a disc edition of the PlayStation 5, 38% preordered an Xbox Series X, 24% preordered a PlayStation 5 digital edition, and 7% preordered an Xbox Series S.

The survey was conducted in October 2020. The full report also contains info on the most anticipated games and can be downloaded here.

About VGM

VGM is a leading global market research firm and the largest provider of custom research to the video game industry. VGM services more than 50 video game companies, as well as industry leaders in entertainment, media, and technology. Its innovative Significant Live Sample (SLS) methodology ensures product quality and marketing effectiveness while guaranteeing the security of confidential assets. VGM was founded in 2007 and has a 50-person team. The company operates worldwide, with bases in South Florida, South San Francisco, Osaka, and Brighton.

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