QubicGames 20th Anniversary Review (Steam)

QubicGames 20th Anniversary Review, QubicGames is celebrating its 20th anniversary with a grand debut on Steam. This milestone is marked by bringing a curated selection of its top titles to the Steam platform, offering players a chance to experience some of their best titles on Steam for the first time. The special anniversary line-up includes over 20 titles, with games like Hole.io, Paper.io 2, Johnny Trigger, Helix Jump, and Run Sausage Run headlining the pack.

QubicGames 20th Anniversary Review Pros:

  • Decent graphics across all games.
  • Steam achievements for each game.
  • Download size and games included –
    • Hole io 831.81MB
    • Johnny Trigger Sniper 845.95MB
    • Pocket a mini Golf 229.8MB
    • Run Sausage Run 517.92MB
    • Helix Jump 390.62MB
    • Johnny Trigger 1.37GB
    • Pocket Mini Golf 2 670.82MB
    • Aquarium Land 1.34GB
    • Light it up 256.91MB
    • ASMR slicing 412.41MB
    • Astro Miner 810.43MB
    • DIG Deep 1.07GB
    • Amaze! 150.95MB
    • Sausage Wars 424.67MB
    • Bucket Crusher 228.49MB
    • Infantry attack 589.93MB
    • The Nom 389.41MB
    • Golf Guys 371.19MB
    • Mob Control 681.96MB
    • Paper io 2 658.63MB
  • Full controller support.
  • Hole io is like Katamari in that you go around dropping things into your mouth and as you grow you can eat bigger things.
  • Casual games collection gameplay.
  • Johnny Trigger Sniper is a game where you have to snipe enemies before they flee.
  • Pocket Mini golf is a simple drag-and-hit crazy golf game where you have to collect gems along the way.
  • Run Sausage Run is an endless runner where you go fast with a button press and slow pressing nothing. There are Collectibles and obstacles along the way.
  • Helix Jump is a game where you fall down a tower and must avoid hitting the red obstacles, the goal is to miss everything on your way to the bottom.
  • Very addictive set of games.
  • Has a bit of every genre.
  • Endless replayability.
  • All the games are seperate downloads.
  • Johnny Trigger is a runner with slow-mo shooting on enemies.
  • The Johnny Trigger games follow the same flow as I do. You do X amount of levels and then a boss. You earn gems and cash to upgrade your weapons along with skins popping up.
  • Pocket Mini Golf 2 is a deeper more stylized crazy golf game with local multiplayer, customisation, and secret levels and power-ups on a hole.
  • Aquarium Land is a casual management game where you make your own Aqua world, you build fish tanks and attractions then you swim in the ocean and capture fish by having them on your radar for a few seconds. Earn exp and level up to get better attractions and find bigger fish. You can upgrade elements like fish capacity etc.
  • Aquarium Land offers a deeper more engaging experience as it has full collections of fish, secret areas, upgrades, boats, the ability to go to other locations and towns, and so much more. It’s a time-sink more than casual.
  • Light it Up is a casual game where you only jump left and right and you need to light up boxes and collecting stars.
  • ASMR slice is just that, slice items however you want and listen to the sound! You can find Collectibles and unlock new knives.
  • Astro Miner Is a game where you go around hoovering up materials and then exchange them for cash to buy upgrades and pets.
  • The loop in Astro Miner is to get materials faster and then collect better materials and unlock new planets.
  • Astro Miner is a very addictive game as you have to clear areas to find the materials which can hide Collectibles, cash, power-ups, etc.
  • All the games scratch a particular itch.
  • Pets in Astro Miner add a buff to your character and they follow you around.
  • DIG Deep is a game like Astro Miner but you are digging a hole, you can hire workers and it all gets very addictive despite being so simple.
  • In Dig Deep you can unlock and upgrade your carry capacity just by digging down the levels.
  • Amaze! Is a sliding puzzle game where you just move around the maze filling in the squares, simple and addictive with three game modes – tune Rush, classic, and limited moves, it also offers unlocks like new balls.
  • Sausage Wars is a fighting game in a way, you just smash the hit button and knock each other out of the arena. Supports local multiplayer.
  • Bucket Crusher is a game where you control a spinning blade and want to knock down structures, you are limited by power, blade size, and fuel. Luckily you earn cash from the pieces that drop and you can then upgrade the parts and fuel.
  • During Bucket Crusher you can play an optional mini-game to earn a bit of fuel to keep your run going.
  • Infantry Attack is a straight-up arcade shooter, you control a gun in a fixed first-person place and then shoot enemies that come towards you, you can find power-ups and multipliers from time to time.
  • The Nom is a game where you play as a tentacle alien and go around levels collecting coins, eating humans, and sometimes avoiding obstacles etc.
  • In the Nom you use coins to upgrade like speed, armor, growth, fever charge, etc along with skins and attacks.
  • Golf Guys is a 3D crazy golf-like gameplay with character customisation, a zen mode for the chilled approach, and local multiplayer.
  • Mob control is a game where you spawn mobs to take over a machine, on the way they may fight enemy mobs, and after time you can spawn different mob types and champions. Passing mobs through gates can add modifiers like doubling the mob number x2, x4, etc.
  • You can change out and upgrade your mobs and they cannot that fires them in Mob control.
  • Mob Control offers modern or classic graphics options.
  • Paper io 2 is a game where you are a block and leave a trail behind, you need to fill in countries with your color, other players are in the game and you can eliminate each other.

QubicGames 20th Anniversary Review Cons:

  • None of the games have any real graphics settings to speak of.
  • Cannot remap controls in the games.
  • Obviously due to their history, they do feel like mobile phone games blown up to a big screen.
  • All the games are seperate downloads and don’t have an overall housing or ui for the games.
  • None of the games come with DLC.
  • A few of the games have performance issues and it’s mostly slowdown when a lot is happening.
  • No game has online multiple interactions.
  • Across the board, the music is not great.
  • When using Steam big picture mode none of the game achievements popped up when earned.
  • Games like Sausage Wars not only don’t offer any tutorials but it also doesn’t let you view the controls.
  • Infantry attack has terrible screen tearing and performance issues.
  • The Nom is a harder title to play as the tentacle alien movement is hard to judge especially when trying to eat humans.
  • Cannot ever rename your characters in game so you are always called a player.
  • Golf Guys controls take a lot of getting used to as it has hooks and serves built into the power meter and doing precise shots is hard.
  • Mob control has a lot of stuttering when playing.
  • Paper io 2 is the worst offender for not having a tutorial so you have no clue what’s going on.

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QubicGames 20th Anniversary:

Official website.

Developer: Untold Tales Games,  naptime. games, Another Moon, QubicGames

Publisher: Qubic Games

Store Links –


  • 7/10
    Graphics - 7/10
  • 7/10
    Sound - 7/10
  • 8/10
    Accessibility - 8/10
  • 8/10
    Length - 8/10
  • 8/10
    Fun Factor - 8/10


The QubicGames 20th Anniversary collection offers a decent array of games with satisfactory graphics and full controller support. The collection is diverse, featuring a bit of every genre, and provides endless replayability. Each game is a separate download, allowing players to choose which games they want to install.

Standout games include Hole io, which is reminiscent of Katamari, and Johnny Trigger Sniper, a game that tests your sniping skills. Pocket Mini Golf and its sequel offer a fun, stylized crazy golf experience with local multiplayer and secret levels. Aquarium Land stands out as a casual management game where you can create your own Aqua world, offering a deeper, more engaging experience. Astro Miner and DIG Deep are addictive games where you collect materials for upgrades. Amaze! is a simple and addictive sliding puzzle game with three game modes.

Despite the collection’s strengths, it has its drawbacks. The games feel like mobile phone games blown up to a big screen, lacking real graphics settings and the ability to remap controls. Performance issues are present in a few games, most notably slowdown when a lot is happening. The music across the board is not great, and when using Steam big picture mode, none of the game achievements popped up when earned. Some games, like Sausage Wars and Paper io 2, lack tutorials, making it difficult for new players to understand the controls and gameplay.

Overall, the QubicGames 20th Anniversary collection offers a wide variety of games that cater to different tastes. While it has its flaws, such as performance issues and a lack of tutorials in some games, its strengths lie in its diversity and replayability. Whether you’re into casual management games like Aquarium Land or addictive material-collecting games like Astro Miner, there’s something for everyone in this collection. Despite some games feeling like enlarged mobile games, the collection offers a decent gaming experience for its price point. It’s a collection that can scratch a particular itch, offering endless hours of fun and entertainment and cementing Qubic games as the kings of casual gaming.

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