Red Awakening | ’80s ‘slasher’ inspired multiplayer

Today indie developer Domino Effect Ltd. released a live action ‘Interrogation’ trailer for Red Awakening, its team-based multiplayer stealth action game for PC and console.

Drawing stylistic inspiration from the slasher movies of John Carpenter, Tobe Hooper and Dario Argento, Red Awakening‘s gameplay is influenced by the likes of the original Thief, Manhunt, TimeSplitters 2 and Condemned: Criminal Origins, but with the objective team-based gameplay ofCounter-Strike.

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As well as showcasing Red Awakening’s focus on horror, stealth and subterfuge, the live action video ties in with the launch of Domino Effect’s Kickstarter campaign for the game.

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Rob Peall, Game Director, Domino Effect, said:

“The Interrogation video has been a real labour of love for Domino Effect and we feel that it perfectly captures the anarchic spirit of the game as well as a bloody nod to our slasher horror movie inspirations. So far the development of Red Awakening has been entirely self-funded, but we’re now turning to Kickstarter for the necessary support to help us complete the final stages of development.”

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Red Awakening blends neon drenched environments, satirical storytelling, first-person dynamic stealth, parkour style movement, drug induced power-ups, ultra-violent gameplay and an unnerving“Carpenter-esque” synth soundtrack. The visceral package is all wrapped up in Domino Effect’s distinctive cell-shaded graphical style.

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Set during the aftermath of the Vietnam War in the mid-1970s, Red Awakening depicts a United States in turmoil. The youth are out of control, with once peaceful student protests devolving into violent street riots. Fearing a civil war with the youth of America and the ever-increasing threat of communism, the powers-that-be covertly funds a clandestine CIA mind control program. Codenamed: “Red Awakening”, this program is designed to solve all of America’s problems at once… but things don’t go according to plan.

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Like TimeSplitters mixed with Titanfall mixed with a bit of Thief.” – Xbox Official Magazine

“Combines 80s slasher horror with multiplayer stealth – IGN

“Enlivens first-person shooter mechanics.” – Indie Game Mag

“Slashers are about to make a big splash” – Dread Central



Red Awakening is planned for release on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 during late-2015.

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