Retro City Rampage WiiWare Released Tomorrow


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Tomorrow sees the long awaited launch of the smash hit indie title: Retro City Rampage. Bringing gamers new features, a trailer has been released showing Wii gamers what to expect. As an added bonus you can now download the world maps to help aid you in your carnage infested mayhem.
[== WiiWare ==]

Retro City Rampage finally hits WiiWare in North America and Europe/UK TOMORROW (February 28th).


Remember that you can download and play WiiWare games on your Wii U also by selecting the Wii Mode channel.

[== Prototype ROM ==]

As a special bonus, both the WiiWare and PC/Steam (via a free update on the same day) versions will include the “ROM City Rampage” Prototype.

Experience what Retro City Rampage could’ve been like if it were actually released in the ’80s, as a 100% hardware-accurate ROM.

Imagine if Retro City Rampage was released on the NES back in the day! It WAS technologically possible, and “ROM City Rampage” proves it!

[== The Making of ==]

Watch “The Making of: ROM City Rampage” too! This video outlines how the core of Retro City Rampage was crunched down into a real 8-BIT ROM and how real 8-BIT games are made. I guarantee that you’ll learn something new, so give it a watch!

[== PC/Steam 50% OFF ==]

That’s not all! The PC/Steam version is on sale for 50% off TODAY ONLY. Get it on sale now and be ready for the free update tomorrow.

[== World Map & Profile Pics ==]

Retro City Rampage’s complete world map has been released. Every last pixel for you to download, explore and play with.

Retro City Rampage’s character profile pics have also been released! Check everything out at:

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