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Cast-off on a fun fishing adventure with Let’s Fish! Hooked On, the first full-scale fishing game on PlayStation Vita. Select your favourite character, unlock the latest lures and enhance your skills as you progress through Amateur, Professional and Master Class tournaments in your bid to win the World Tour!

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  • Graphics are bright and upon first glance look like they were lifted straight from Clap Hanz’s Everybody series. Fish have some high level detail them, locations are varied and have their own charm, the game boasts some high grade reflections, both on the water surface and under water reflections. Characters have good animations and detail work and each move in a unique way.
  • Controls can be done via the touchscreen or using the buttons and analogue stick. Both can be used at any point without using menus.
  • Tutorial is available with a practice area in tow so you can hone your skills. Just pick an area and weather type and off you go.
  • World Tour mode is the bread and butter of the game. Here is where you will show off your skills and take part in scheduled events with its own set of rules. Events are varied and really push your skill as you look to go up through the ranks. If you dont want to take part in an event, instead opt for a chance to earn extra money to buy new gear. Then this can be done, early on they are pretty simple and have such events as ctach as many fish in 10 mins for example. Best part is you get money for failing or double for winning so its a win win.
  • Loads of gear to unlock from better lures to increased skills, such as longer cast or instant hook on. All skills vary depending on which of the characters you pick. Lures can be a huge game changer in later levels. I found it made the game alot easier by mixing it up between main events and the special ones.
  • A record book will keep a log of all the fish you have caught, along with size, name and even little things like what the weather was like that day and what location you were playing on.
  • Ever wanted to just look around underwater? see how the fish live on a daily basis? well with underwater view, that’s exactly what you get! No interactions just move around at your hearts content and take pictures if you want.
  • Challenge mode will suit bite size gamers. Here again you will get a set task to achieve but you will only have a limited amount of time. Good preparation and skill will keep you ahead of the game. The levels are varied and short. They get harder as you unlock more and take place in all of the games locations.
  • Online leaderboards are availabe for challenge mode. See how you stack up against your mates and indeed the rest of the world. Leaderboardss are split into 3 categories: max weight, total weight and total catch rankings.
  • The game play is hard at first, but investing more time and listening out for the indicators, makes it a good game. Really easy to play and most of the time enjoyable. Pick a control scheme you are comfortable with and keep at it. The game doesnt make it easy on you and you will need to practice.
  • With all the colours, gameplay and locations you defiently get the SEGA Bass fishing vibe. The SEGA blue skies can be there weather dependent.

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  • No auto save feature. Remembering to do this all the time is kind of unforgivable in this day and age.
  • Game can crash randomly at any given time. Coupled with the no auto save, can be a annoying event.
  • Price tag is too high. I get it its a different game and offering Vita users a new experience, but at the end of the day it needs to be cheaper so people who may not ususally look at fishing games buy it to try it. Needs to hit the impulse button.
  • Tutorial whilst present, doesn’t actually give you any clear help. Its basically a pop up of text when ever you do something. A system I am not a particular fan of and to be honest a clear picture system would of worked better.
  • Touch screen recognition is hit and miss. To hook a fish requires quite precise movements and at times it fails you.
  • Controls as said can be mixed up depending on your preference. With touchscreen issues, the button and stick combo work better. Casting via the touchscreen is done by swiping the screen up then pressing a button to set the power. Awkward, even more so when you can just cut the touchscreen part out and press circle twice ala golf and other fishing games.
  • Game has a few moments of pop up, most noticeable when zooming in to see where the fish are before casting. Secondly when you are actually underwater, a fish could just appear in front of you or disappear just as hes about to bite. This causes major problems in the timed events.
  • Learning curve can be quite steep for the more casual player. I struggled for quite a while. Eventually it clicks and all is well. Its more of a perseverance for reward than instant win.
  • No multiplayer at all.
  • Music and voice overs are annoying. If not at first then after a few games. Pick a female fisher and they make sex noises with every line pull (there’s a joke in there somewhere). Worst still is you cannot turn them off!

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In summary, it is a good game once you get used to the controls. It has a few niggles but you can look over them as you get used to them. Sounds wrong I know but thats the way it is. With the record book keeping track of everything you catch, the Pokemon effect can easily kick in for players. Trying to get all the fish or in every size. The game looks gorgeous and just needs a patch to address the issues. Another huge thing that could of elevated the game is multiplayer. Leaderboards is the only online interaction you will be getting. With the price as it is I cant say its a must buy. One to keep an eye on in the sale perhaps. You wont feel ripped off if you did buy it, but then you wont feel you got a bargain either. Its a middle of the road game and with a marmite genre, could of done with a few wow factors.

Jim Smale

Gaming since the Atari 2600, I enjoy the weirdness in games counting Densha De Go and RC De Go as my favourite titles of all time. I prefer gaming of old where buying games from a shop was a thing, Being social in person was a thing. Join me as I attempt to adapt to this new digital age!

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