Review: LiteCam HD Recording Software

liteCam HD is the most easy-to-use computer screen recorder for Windows users that helps create professional-looking HD videos in no time! Simply record anything on your PC screen with audio to teach, demonstrate, present, create video tutorials and much more. Its easy and powerful interface makes quick recording and reduces complex settings. With liteCam HD you can easily capture any onscreen activities to fulfill all your recording needs.


  • Captures absolutely anything on your screen. Can be games, skype calls even just the desktop.  Its brilliant to just have running as due to audio notifications, The program will actually tell you when recording is available. And its even crazy little things like being able to record you just browsing the web or going through your PC.
  • Has a unique ability where you can extract just the audio from your recordings, Which can be really helpful if you want to improve the quality or tinker around with it or use a completely different back track. Extracting just audio is also perfect if you wish to just listen to YouTube videos or the latest play or something. In theory this allows you to make your own audiobook of sorts. You can extract audio either as WMV or WMA.
  • So many recording options available to you. You can select to make your own recording size with a simple drag and drop transparent box, Or you can opt from one of these many options: (And yes the YouTube description text is written in the program and show next to them)
    • 50% size
    • 100% size
    • 800×600
    • 1024×768
    • Custom resolution
    • 320×240 YouTube Minimum
    • 640×360 Recommended
    • 720×480 YouTube Standard
    • 1280×720 YouTube HD
    • 1920X1080 YouTube HD
  • Huge simple menu system. Here is where the program is brilliant to users. All options and there are loads and will be covered. With a button press top left, You bring up a series of icons with descriptions. Each one clearly lays out what it has to offer and with another click up top left, its gone. A handy bar is on the top of the window which is used more for quick access. This is the menu where everything in this review lives.
  • Set the frame rate and with the program used for review, It allows upto 100fps. If you are unsure then you can just have it as unlocked.
  • You can set the program to use a particular mode: Options like game,software and general are what you will find here. This is also where you find preview.
  • Just like the video options, Audio gets its own list of options, They are as follows:
    • Mono 16 Bit 11khz
    • Mono 16 Bit 22khz
    • Mono 16 Bit 44khz
    • Mono 16 Bit 48khz
    • Stereo 16 Bit 11khz
    • Stereo 16 Bit 22khz
    • Stereo 16 Bit 44khz
    • Stereo 16 Bit 48khz
    • System default settings
    • No Audio
  • You can add water marks, logos, credits or anything else you can think of. Go into the option and select your file, then choose one of the many placement options. Set transparency and your good to go as all settings are permanently saved.
  • A video converter is built in as well as the Audio one. You can convert files to MP4 or WMV and choose the quality. Starting from high quality down to default standard settings.
  • Mouse pointer options allow you to change the color,size and if it has a trail or anything.
  • Allows picture in picture so you can use your webcam at the same time. You can set the quality and again the placement.
  • You can edit videos in the app via the preview option. Using a start/end tag system. Simply put start where you want the video to start and end where you want it to umm end.
  • Low CPU usage so it wont cause lag when in use. Also means you can keep it running as you never know when you want to use it.
  • File sizes are small considering the length you can record at. Using RSCC this technology allows the file size to be kept as small as possible.
  • Constant updates to support new games. Works much like an anti virus program in that it supports(covers) a wide range of games but due to the volume of new games, It may not work with all new releases.
  • Simple easy to use shortcut button presses. Coupled with an audio prompt for recording opportunities, makes it a lot easier to actually start using. It will also say when you start recording and when you pressed stop, Again eliminating the need to keep checking on the app. Shortcut keys can be changed within the options.
  • Full help manual is included with loads of YouTube support videos available through the app.


  • First time install is a bit of a faff, Only because due to licensing, You have to download Lame so you can record audio and drop it into the directory. It sounds scarier than it really is.
  • Games that don’t work can do weird things to your PC. In many cases it will just say recording then stop and never really kick in, In a few games it will actually stop the game from launching. If this happens just turn the program off and boot the game again.
  • A big black bar with timer shows when your recording and you think that’s cool, But it will then transfer to the proper video. It can be turned off but you have to look for it and may not realize this is the case.

In Summary, For the price this is an absolute steal, With so many powerful tools like a converter and editor all built in, You can save a lot of money with this product. The quality of the videos is top notch and we shall be using it for all our videos in the future. I like the way it is so clear and well laid out that you always feel like your in control. Its really light weight on your system and is in no way a resource hog like the many other programs out there. Having keyboard shortcuts with audio notifications mean, You can just leave it running and always be ready. No more screen jumping between programs. Its also powerful from the point of view of flexibility, No matter where you are, You can record it and do it well. I cannot sing the programs praises enough. I am a novice when it comes to streaming and making YouTube videos, But this software makes it easy to learn and leaves you feeling like a pro.


You can download a trial of the software from their website here.

Is this the same as what is on Steam?

In short no but I shall hand you over to the creators of the product who provided me with this answer.

First, let me explain the difference between liteCam HD and liteCam 100FPS Game Capture. liteCam HD has computer screen recording, video recording, game recording and audio recording. It costs $38. We extracted the game recording from liteCam HD and lowered the price to $24.99 for Steam users. It named ‘liteCam 100FPS Game Capture’. And the Game Recording Software is similar to the anti-virus program. It does not cover all games first. As anti-virus company updates their program based on the customers’ report(virus), game recording software is also updated based on the failure report. liteCam does not cover all games right now, but we keep updating it based on the users’ report.


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