Review: Men’s Room Mayhem

Men’s Room Mayhem takes toilet gaming to a whole new level! In this frantic line drawing game based around men’s room etiquette you take on the role of the janitor & guide your patrons around the men’s room. You need pinpoint precision & strategic steering to get your patrons to use urinals, toilet cubicles and sinks whilst avoiding fights and having nasty little accidents. As the waves increase the patrons pile up fast.


  • Game play is very much a mix of Flight Control HD and Jetpack Joyride. Guide patrons to their desired location by drawing a line on screen. The Jetpack part comes from the in game challenges the game throws at you.
  • Challenges unlock as you clear the previous ones. Unlocking x amount of challenges unlocks an overall rank, In this case its bronze, silver and gold.
  • Patrons will randomly enter the bathroom and depending on their icon above their head, depends on where they would like to go. A yellow rain drop is a number one and a bog roll is a number two. You have both urinals and a toilet to guide patrons too.
  • Earn an etiquette bonus by having patrons at adjacent urinals. Other bonuses can be earned like near miss or wash hands bonus.
  • Special patrons will make themselves known and with it they bring a twist to the game play. Some of the things to expect are, hippies that wont listen to you, a woman who distracts and freezes other patrons. Lower level random patrons can be people in a hurry or an old man that takes ages to travel anywhere.
  • Rack up high scores thanks to the scoring system. Anyone left in the bathroom at the end of the round will be counted and used as a multiplier. So apart from going for etiquette and near miss bonuses, you can also keep patrons hanging around for even more points!
  • Rounds are time based.
  • The game is fast and frantic and looks great on the Vita screen. The touchscreen works brilliantly and the sound effects are comical.
  • Two modes are available. Normal mode is very much you main mode, unlock new challenges and go for high scores. Blitz mode is a fast frantic survive as long as you can affair,select any of the unlocked levels. Both modes will give you many hours of enjoyment.
  • Both modes have online leader boards which can be filtered down by level or friends only etc.
  • Seven levels are available to unlock and all have their own unique layout and collection of patrons. Start off in a local pub and unlock night clubs,the circus or even a beach bathroom.
  • Tips screen is presented to you in the way of bathroom wall drawings. Its this charm that is apparent through out the whole game.


  • Unlocking challenges is a bit stupid. Upon challenge completion you cannot unlock the next lot until you quit or get game over. It would make more sense for the game to unlock the new challenges as you go, allowing you to keep on playing.
  • Few problems with the game finishing but continuing to run in the background and build up my score.

In summary, You will get a lot of enjoyment out of the game even if you feel embarrassed by the name! The whole game is charmful and addictive. The simple game controls and play mechanic really allows you to just  kick back and relax. Online leader boards will further extend the longevity of the game. Fans of byte size gaming are in luck due to the 3 minute rounds the game has. I enjoyed and will continue to enjoy this little gem of a game. For want of a better phrase, This is a perfect game for when one is using the lavatory. Ignore the toilet jokes, This game is a winner in anyone’s book!

Jim Smale

Gaming since the Atari 2600, I enjoy the weirdness in games counting Densha De Go and RC De Go as my favourite titles of all time. I prefer gaming of old where buying games from a shop was a thing, Being social in person was a thing. Join me as I attempt to adapt to this new digital age!