Review: Monster Combine TD (3DS)

Only you can rewrite the story and save the world from a tragic fate! Become a summoner to protect a prestigious school of wizardry and witchcraft! With the help of your new companion Katrina, defend the school’s gates by summoning weird-looking creatures coming from the old tales and mythologies.

Monster Combine TD (3)


  • Cartoon art style graphics and cut scenes.
  • Can name your character.
  • Initial tutorial area with ongoing messages.
  • Small file size.
  • Cheap price point.
  • Tower defense gameplay.
  • Full touchscreen control with face buttons used for short cuts.
  • Story is interactive with multiple choice answers and questions.
  • Full index of monsters that you fill up as you defeat them.  Here it displays health, attack speed, damage numbers etc.
  • Unlock powerful magic.
  • unlock new cards that are used to summon monsters and powers.
  • You drag and drop cards onto the summoning points on the battleground to summon monsters.  You then have another summoning point for powers. Guide your Monster over the power to transform them.
  • Earn upgrade orbs by finishing levels,  Collect them from unused powers and can also be gained by evolving monsters.
  • Evolve/combine monsters to either make a new powerful Monster,  or you earn the upgrade orbs. Either outcome will always result in your Monster getting full health.
  • Can replay levels.
  • On screen bar to show health of the door you are protecting, Enemies spawn bar that tells you how many more monsters you can expect to see.
  • Upgrade your stats like summon speed,  card amount and many more.
  • Fast forward button to speed the game up.
  • Play unlocked levels in any order.
  • Really enjoyable to play.
  • Levels are rated on a star difficulty mechanic.  The more stars the more difficult the level is.
  • Battle field will have obstacles like rocks and pools of acid to slow enemies down.  You can also find things like healing pools that will slowly heal your players.

Monster Combine TD (2)


  • Story is not that good and instead of enhancing the experience,  Actually detracts the fun and adds boring button pressing screens.
  • Restarting a level still replays all the tutorials if applicable.
  • Difficulty spikes.
  • No 3D.
  • Story slows the pace of the game down.
  • Fast forward button is not that fast.

Monster Combine TD (4)

In Summary,  The game surprised me in a lot of ways. I really thought it would be a slow and boring game,  And after just a few levels I still felt the same.  It wasn’t until I realised I could earn extra upgrade orbs and replay levels that I started to enjoy it.  it has a charm that I cannot put my finger on but I really like the pick up and play aspect of it.  Levels are quite short and perfect for mobile gaming. In short the game is a slow starter but grows into a well rounded fun tower defense game. Defiantly worth checking out and more suited to casual or new tower defense players.

Jim Smale

Gaming since the Atari 2600, I enjoy the weirdness in games counting Densha De Go and RC De Go as my favourite titles of all time. I prefer gaming of old where buying games from a shop was a thing, Being social in person was a thing. Join me as I attempt to adapt to this new digital age!