Review: Real Heroes: Firefighter 3D

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Pull on your firefighter uniform and prepare to face a raging inferno of challenges! As a graduate straight out of the firefighting academy, it’s up to you to stand by your squad and join them in a battle against the flames.

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  • Good chunky PS1 style graphics, Good facial graphics along with good detailed levels.
  • Huge opening tutorial section where you learn about all the weapons available to you, How and when to use them along with a few practice drills.
  • Loading screens have fire safety tips on them and a few game tips.
  • Fires change every time you play it and spread and react to your decisions.
  • Missions are varied, From clearing out factories to rescuing people from cars to carrying injured people out. The game does a great job of mixing it all up.Great voice work with all NPC having its own voice.
  • Controls once learnt are easy to use a lot of the time. The bottom screen has a huge sphere that you tap in anydirection to move your view, You can swap tools and change the hose attachment from spray to normal flow. You can use buttons instead but seems your stood still a lot of the time when fire fighting, The touchscreen is more than adequate and quicker.
  • 3D implementation is good and looks really good with the fire.
  • Every mission allows you to play it how you want, Take different routes, smash different items etc.
  • Missions pop up as you play through and always bring variety.
  • The atmosphere is fantastic and that is down to the music more than anything, The flames blasting up, the screams for help…lovely. (reading that back it makes me seem a bit ghoulish but you know what I mean)
  • Clear on screen directions and you can call out for survivors which will bring up location markers.
  • Central hub allows you to go between rooms in the fire house, Each room has different options like collectibles collected,records,options and credits.
  • You learn a lot about fires as you play like how to ventilate before entering or where to blast with water first.
  • Hoses seem ridiculously long, You can go up several flights of stairs with the same hose, There is always a new hose point in reach most of the time.
  • Full fireman inventory from crowbars to extinguishers,hose and axe to the more advanced tools like a saw and the jaws of life.
  • Collectibles can be found in each level.
  • Unlock new variations of each tool like medieval axes.
  • Really fun to play and has hours of content.
  • Cheap price point.

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  • Controls do take a bit of getting used too, Putting fires out is easy and fluid (haha fluid) but general walking/running around is awkward and clunky.
  • Huge file size for a download on 3DS.
  • Some characters look like drunk robots but who doesn’t like the idea of drunk robots!
  • Long loading times.
  • Few issues with the game not recognizing tool actions properly like the saw.

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In Summary, .The game may look a bit ropey in places, It may even have a cheap bargain bin feel about it…But look past it and you have yourself a really good little game! Its a game that teaches you things as you play, you get a lot of satisfaction from just playing it and despite awkward controls, The actual fire fighting controls are ace and the touch screen has so many options it looks like a little computer control unit! I love the game and its hard to pin point one particular part I like, I guess its just the fact its a game of a job we don’t think to really play as in a game. It has loads of replay ability due to finding collectibles and beating your records. Defiantly worth a look but make sure you have the space!


Jim Smale

Gaming since the Atari 2600, I enjoy the weirdness in games counting Densha De Go and RC De Go as my favourite titles of all time. I prefer gaming of old where buying games from a shop was a thing, Being social in person was a thing. Join me as I attempt to adapt to this new digital age!

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