Spelunker HD Review (PlayStation 3)

For this Spelunker HD Review, we play as the Spelunker hero, whose colossal spirit for adventure is countered only by his miniscule threshold for pain, was first introduced in 1983. The sheer number of ways to die coupled with the very exacting controls have pushed Spelunker’s reputation from absurd to hilarious and spurred its popularity worldwide. Spelunker champions share a badge of honor like no other.

Spelunker HD Review

Spelunker HD Review  Pros:

  • HD graphics or original graphics can be used.
  • Platinum trophy.
  • 4 game modes: solo, group, group competition, and championship mode.
  • Online Leader boards monitoring depth, score and level reached.
  • Rope assist can be switched on to increase the length of the rope, the frequency, and how close and easy to grab the ropes.
  • Online/offline co-op, up to 6 friends online and 4 players offline.
  • The campaign is huge with loads of treasure to be found, including pieces that when collected get displayed on the loading screen and make a huge picture.
  • Perfect for treasure hunters and noob Indiana Jones alike with hidden treasure and artifacts to be found.
  • Save where you like, when you like.
  • Difficult yet fair.
  • A new ice world.
  • Enemies range from spiders, and snakes to ghosts that can be killed with your hoover style gun.
  • In your arsenal, you have flares, bombs, and the aforementioned gun.
  • Four-player split-screen play.
  • Great website showing off a lot of helpful hints and tips for beginners.
  • DLC is very good and has some lush environments.
  • Despite its difficulty, the game has a unique draw. I can’t explain it but it keeps dragging you back in for more.
  • A good mix of exploration and fear.
  • The ghosts are excellent, Going after them is hard but oh-so-satisfying.
Spelunker HD Review

Spelunker HD Review  Cons:

  • It’s a really difficult game in terms of any fall, hole is instant death. I mean you could get off a ledge funny and that’s it, game over.
  • Ladders and ropes are the biggest culprits for cheap deaths.
  • Any lag at all online makes the game unplayable as it requires to pinpoint jumps and timed runs.
  • So yeah, cheap deaths are a huge bad point.
  • Hardly anyone plays it online now.

Spelunker HD Review

Further reading at the official Spelunker HD website.


In summary, Spelunker HD, despite its insta-death mechanic, is one of the best games to download on PSN. The co-op is great fun and very challenging, and DLC extends the longevity of the game, but to be honest Spelunker HD doesn’t need much adding to it as it is a huge game, to begin with. I enjoyed and still enjoy the charms of this game. It will infuriate you, and you will hate the game but you know what?  You WILL be back for more, it’s that type of game!

Jim Smale

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