Review: Table Top Racing Vita Edition

‘Table Top Racing’ is a fast and furious, miniaturised combat-racing game from the Micro Machines and Mario Kart canon, After a huge following on mobile devices, The game makes its console debut on the PlayStation Vita.


  • Graphics are almost cartoony with a serious edge to it all. Levels look brilliant and clearly take inspiration for Micro Machines. You race over umm Table tops (hence the name) amongst giant toys,fruit and other random foods. I say giant I mean you are a small car.
  • Controls are easy with you using the face buttons but have the choice to use the touch screen to fire off your weapons. Tapping the back panel will allow you to look behind you.
  • All menu options are selected with the touch screen and by swiping the screen.
  • Four race options available:
    • Championships- Split into four seperate championships. Twin Cam,Spark Plug, Turbo and Piston GP. Each championship has a selection of races with different race types. As you progress championships will have more events and harder AI.
    • Drift events- Once you unlock the correct car you can take part in a huge Tokyo Drift style events.
    • Special Events- Four difficulty options then a huge array of events with particular car/tune up selection.
    • Quick Race- Or more commonly known as arcade. Pick a car and track and off you go.
  • Many race types like, Timetrial, catch the lead car, no weapons,full weaponary,only particular weapons and more.
  • Network mode allows online racing and local play. Online allows you to play with randoms or create yourown room with your rules and track selection.
  • Trophy list.
  • Leaderboard support and you can filter by friends but also filter to individual levels/events.
  • Garage allows you to buy new cars, Tune up your car, change wheels giving new stats and abilities and spray your car.
  • Racing is tight and responsive and is very much like Mario Kart.
  • After each race you earn stars for finishing first second and third. You also earn exp for your final position. Earn bonus exp in game by hitting other players with weapons.
  • Automatic reset car when you fall off the table or get stuck in the scenery.
  • Level up with your race exp and unlock new cars and parts.
  • Spend your cash in the garage.
  • Can replay races to earn more cash but the amount will be lower the second time round due to no star cash bonuses.
  • Camera view is a behind the car view or an angled one which is very much the same angle in later MicrO machine games and gives the game a more remote control car racer feel to it.
  • Opening tutorial section explains the rules and lets you try out the weapons.
  • Weapons available are generic but balanced, EMP blast,rockets,bombs are just a few of the weapons awaiting you.
  • First part of the game is quite slow but really opens up with faster cars and more weapon pick ups.


  • The upgrade system doesn’t allow you to pick what you want to upgrade and chooses for you.
  • A lot of grinding for cash to unlock the later paint jobs and upgrades.
  • AI on the whole is balanced but they do get a lot of perfect pickups to catch you. A rubber band feel to it all.
  • IAP for extra cash to cut down on the grinding.
  • Had a few issues like button presses not registering and having to reboot the game, Very very rare but still.
  • Hitting the walls/sides will usually mean instant last place, Its a bit over excited with its crashes.
  • Can get a bit stuttery in frantic races.

In Summary, Yet again Playrise Digital bring the goods. The game was and is a huge success on mobile and this version seems to do nothing but justify that fact. Aside from the IAP, The game has many hours of gameplay and is so much fun to play. For years we have wanted a new Micro Machines and this is the modern day equivalent. Fast fun and frantic, TTR brings it and lays thee smacketh down. Easily one of the best racers on the Vita and more than enough proof that Playrise nned to bring us a sequel! Job well done.

Jim Smale

Gaming since the Atari 2600, I enjoy the weirdness in games counting Densha De Go and RC De Go as my favourite titles of all time. I prefer gaming of old where buying games from a shop was a thing, Being social in person was a thing. Join me as I attempt to adapt to this new digital age!