Review: That Trivia Game PS4

A light-hearted and quirky game show experience that gets all of your friends into the action. Over 1,000 trivia questions in 20 different categories provides hours of fun and nail-biting excitement for the whole family!


  • Brilliant Game show graphics, Characters look good and the stage is a proper throw back to the quiz shows of the 80’s/90’s.
  • Six characters to choose from ranging from geeks to pirates to nerds to punks. You can change the outfit they wear and colour.
  • Twenty odd buzzer sounds to use. Traditional ones are there including absurd ones like cows mooing,splat sounds.
  • You type your name in every game.
  • Clever use of the DS4 light bar. Flashes green for correct answers and red for wrong answers. Changes colour throughout the round. Really cool if you happen to play with a mirror in front of your pad!
  • Tv presenter is entertaining with his quick quirky remarks, He can be your friend one minute, then cut you down in your prime and reduce you to tears the next.
  • Answer questions quickly and easily by pressing the corresponding button. The game only uses the face buttons so X,triangle,circle and square.
  • Good mix of categories with 100’s upon 100’s of questions that are surprisingly up to date.
  • Easy set of trophies bar like 3 which will require a mastermind approach.
  • The game consists of rounds and each round is a different approach to game shows. First is just a series of questions, next you are gambling x amount of points to rounds where the answers will pop up on screen and you have to press a button at the right time.
  • Two modes of play, Either go solo and play against a random AI or go head to head with another player in local multi player.
  • The sound effects and crowd really bring the game show atmosphere.
  • Quick loading in between rounds and the time between questions. A well known issue with other quiz games that I wont mention as I like Buzz….Dammit.
  • Games are short but fun and varied. You never feel like you play the same game twice.
  • Works really well on Vita via the remote play feature.


  • No difficulty option.
  • Only 1 on 1 against the AI.
  • Categories need to have more randomness to them, The questions might be different but the actual category does pop up a lot.
  • Trophies are obtained too quickly and there is only a few.
  • Leader boards so name entry is actually justified.

In Summary, Its the first quiz game on PS4 and it is a fun game to play casually. Trophy hunters will rejoice in how easy it is to get 100% whilst long term players will feel annoyed that they got the majority of them in under 5 minutes. Trophies aside, The presenter does a great job and is more like able than a certain Buzz kind of guy but personally I found the guy to look at, Dam creep. Kind of like a Robbie Rotten from Lazy Town meets Danny Zuko from Grease. He just has an air of darkness around him! Could just be me and maybe I watch too much tele but still. The game is a brilliant start to the genre on next gen and I hope they will build on it by adding more options like party play, Online mode and new questions. As long as its priced right, The game has excellent scale-ability and I look forward to more work from the dev. So in a nutshell its worth a go for the occasional go like when family members come round.Or buy it and play it if your too stupid for Mastermind but too lonely to do Family Fortunes!

Jim Smale

Gaming since the Atari 2600, I enjoy the weirdness in games counting Densha De Go and RC De Go as my favourite titles of all time. I prefer gaming of old where buying games from a shop was a thing, Being social in person was a thing. Join me as I attempt to adapt to this new digital age!