Review: Z-Run On PlayStation Vita

Run and fight to stay alive in zombie-infested world Beatshapers Ltd, an independent game development and publishing studio in Eastern Europe, announcing today their new PlayStation Vita exclusive game – ZRun. The world seems to have fallen into ruins. Swarms of the dead groans around everywhere. You have to run non-stop, trying your best to stay alive and get out of zombie nightmare.


  • Graphics are not bad, very PS2 in appearance but with a bit more detail especially in the scenery.
  • Tutorial levels at the beginning that explains how the game plays.
  • Game play is a runner game in which you must slide,jump over obstacles whilst avoiding zombies. Oh and you can use weapons if you want to go all walking dead up in here.
  • Small file size so perfect for Vita 4GB card owners.
  • Earn exp by killing enemies, avoiding obstacles,getting combos and finishing levels.
  • Use exp to upgrade your stats, Loads of upgrade options like stamina increase,health increase, improve durability of weapons or slide longer. Just a mere handful of the many options plus some will have multiple levels to them
  • All weapons have limited uses and once used will be discarded.
  • Use the analogue stick to move in game. The d-pad is used for selecting weapons or using items from your back pack. Face buttons do your jumping and sliding.
  • Online leader boards support.
  • Full trophy support, No Platinum but you knew that already…right!?
  • Sliding,jumping,running and side rolling use stamina, Stamina will replenish itself slowly but use items to fill quicker. When stamina is low the screen will go blurry and all messed up as you struggle for breath.
  • Health goes down if you hit obstacles, zombies hit you or if a zombie grabs you. Again low health will trigger a blurry view point to be used. Health can only be restored with item use.
  • Zombie attacks are just simple lunges and grab attempts but randomly you may get a QTE attack that mixes it up. Failing it results in instant death.
  • Three difficulty settings to choose from. Go on then il tell you: easy, normal and hard.
  • Two characters to choose from, A man and a woman. Thats it.
  • Every level has obstacles and zombies placed randomly so it is quite rare to get the same game twice.
  • Huge map in which you can choose your levels. You can replay levels when ever and the map has multiple routes.
  • Different locations are used including city streets, by industrial buildings etc.
  • A weapon is always located at the end of the level.
  • Assign weapons and items picked up and put in your back pack for d pad in game usage.
  • HUD in game is minimal with it just showing what is on the d pad directions, stamina and health bars and a counter top left that lets you know how far you have traveled and how close you are to the end.
  • Hitting zombies will cause them to radoll all over the place and spray blood all over the screen, This obstructs your view but luckily you can wipe the blood away by swiping the screen.
  • Aside from the main story, You have a survival mode which is umm well its survival.


  • Slow starter as you have really crap starter stats.
  • Sliding under trucks and cars will obstruct your view so if any zombies are on the other side they will hit you.
  • No notification of leveling up so you have to keep an eye on the menu on the map screen.
  • Slow down in busy levels which is more noticeable on higher difficulties.
  • Blood splatter is over the top with one skinny ass zombie spraying enough blood to cover my TV let alone my Vita screen.
  • Rag doll effects can happen in front of you which slows you down and buggers up your actions and reactions.
  • Hitting a car in the wrong place will see you just relentlessly running back into it as the game tries to fix itself. Spoiler alert, You will die before this happens.
  • Had over five cases of clipping through a wall and once that happens you run through buildings which sounds cool but you may or may not be able to finish the level.
  • Despite new locations, you feel that every level looks the same.
  • Controls are fiddly and with shovel hands like mine, Wiping the screen whilst navigating the menu and trying to use an item is a right arse.
  • Hitting zombies with weapons will take time to learn as you need to start the animation before you get to the zombie. You will see what I mean when you play it.

In Summary, Its nice to play a zombie game that requires little brain power but for the most part the game needs a quick fix. Its a good idea but so many little niggles stop it from being amazing. Dont get me wrong I had loads of fun with it but I also had some terrible moments with it. Having to do the tutorial every time I went up a level was a pain as the tutorial is quite in depth. Clipping through walls and the bad hit detection on zombies really took it to the next level. But dont let all that negativity bring it all down, The game is good and leveling up your character is fun and the harder difficulties is the true way to play it. I love the random placement of obstacles and zombies as it keeps it fresh. It could do with a few different zombie types but the big huge fat guys that you can do nothing against is enough atm to keep you alert. Its a great time waster game and one that if the price is right, Is worth a look for sure but be prepared to the fact that the game can be completed in under a few hours.

Jim Smale

Gaming since the Atari 2600, I enjoy the weirdness in games counting Densha De Go and RC De Go as my favourite titles of all time. I prefer gaming of old where buying games from a shop was a thing, Being social in person was a thing. Join me as I attempt to adapt to this new digital age!