Riot Games Kicks-off Star Guardian Event With Cross-game Content, Musical Collabs, Merch, And More

Today, game developer and publisher Riot Games announced details of the global Star Guardian event, a 10-week magical experience that brings together global players and anime fans alike with immersive in-game content and out-of-game events. The Star Guardian event begins globally on Thursday, July 14, with the song and music video release of the event anthem “Everything Goes On” by Porter Robinson. Then, players and fans will see new content releases in “League of Legends”, “League of Legends: Wild Rift”, and “Legends of Runeterra”, and the launch of “Sessions: Star Guardian Taliyah” and the Star Guardian merch line.

Star Guardian is Riot Games’ tribute to the magical girl (mahō shōjo), an anime genre that empowers young women, shows the importance of good friends, and celebrates authentic representations of one’s self. Like the content and series that came before it, Star Guardian is a vibrant alternative universe that centers on a young cast of champions who navigate school relationships by day and the responsibilities of magical warriors by night.

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“Star Guardian is a world our players love and have been wanting to see more of for so many years,” said Executive Producer on “League of Legends” Jeremy Lee. “We’re so excited to be bringing it back in this big way, across multiple titles and parts of Riot, and working with so many amazing partners to really show the potential of this universe to our players, as well as potential new fans who love this kind of magic just as much as us.”

Kicking off the event is the release of “Everything Goes On”, a song by acclaimed vocalist, songwriter, and producer Porter Robinson – Robinson wrote, produced and sang on the track. “Everything Goes On” tells the story of two Star Guardians, each independently coming to terms with their loss and finding the will to move on with their new comrades. The song will be available to stream on all major streaming platforms and its music video will premiere on YouTube.

This fourth iteration of the Star Guardian series will see fresh faces join popular favorites across three Riot titles:

  • “League of Legends”, the world’s most-played PC MOBA, will be releasing 12 new Star Guardian skins, an in-client narrative experience titled Star Guardian: Another Sky, a brand new champion, and an event pass to unlock more exclusive content:
    • Champion Launch: Nilah the Joy Unbound (ADC)
    • Skins: Star Guardian Akali (Legendary), Kai’Sa (Legendary), Ekko, Sona, Taliyah, Quinn, Nilah, and Rell; Star Nemesis Morgana and Fiddlesticks; Prestige Star Guardian Ekko and Syndra
    • LoL (and TFT) Star Guardian Event Pass
    • Ultimate Spellbook game mode returns
    • New Emotes, Chromas, and Wards
    • In-Client Narrative Experience: Star Guardian: Another Sky (LoL Exclusive)
      • Through games of LoL and TFT, players will progress through a compelling story of love and loss, forgiveness and friendship through the eyes of a brand new crew led by Akali and Kai’Sa. At the same time, by completing in-game champion missions, they’ll increase their “bond” with the various Guardians, unlocking rewards and discovering new stories along the way.
  • “League of Legends: Wild Rift”, Riot Games’ made-for-mobile MOBA, features new and returning Star Guardians during this event, as well as its own in-client narrative experience featuring the Star Guardians’ familiars:
    • Skins: Star Guardian Orianna, Seraphine, Ahri, Senna, Xayah, Rakan, and Miss Fortune; Redeemed Star Guardian Rakan and Xayah
    • WR Star Guardian Event Pass
    • In-Client Narrative Experience (WR Exclusive)
      • Players will witness Xayah’s journey to save Rakan first-hand with the help of some brand new Star Guardians. They’ll level up their squad and their familiars through a series of in-game missions, battle chaos monsters in combat encounters, and follow the fearless Guardians as they learn to forgive and forge new friendships.
  • “Legends of Runeterra”, the award-winning digital card game, will celebrate with with the release of Star Guardian-themed card skins, Guardians, and boards:
    • Skins: Star Guardian Gwen, Kai’Sa, Jinx, Senna, Quinn, Taliyah, Lulu, Soraka
    • Additionally, Star Guardian Kai’sa debuts as LoR’s first Legendary skin, complete with exclusive card art, new voice lines, and a unique level-up animation
    • Guardians: Star Guardian Drake and Gwen Doll
    • Board: Starlight Stage Legendary Board
    • New Emotes & Cardbacks

Star Guardian event

As a part of the event, Riot Games Music is releasing their third album of creator-safe music, appropriately themed and named “Sessions: Star Guardian Taliyah.” Songs on the two previous “Sessions” albums have been collectively streamed over 43 million times on major streaming platforms and offer creators a vibrant and unique catalog of music for free use on their content. Players and fans can expect a suite of dance and electronic music in the third album that also plays in the glitch pop, future funk, and kawaii bass spaces. Contributing artists are as follows:

  • 3D BLAST
  • bear bear & friends
  • chromonicci
  • ev.exi
  • Hyleo
  • leon chang
  • Mélonade
  • Mere Notilde
  • Rob Robinson
  • Semoothe
  • Snail’s House
  • Strawberry Station
  • suteki
  • Synthion

The Riot Games Social Impact Fund, Riot’s nonprofit engine, will activate during Star Guardian to support nonprofits around the world by giving players multiple ways to give back throughout the event. In “League of Legends”, from July 14 to August 15, Riot will contribute 20% of proceeds from the Star Guardian Event Pass to the Riot Games Social Impact Fund in partnership with ImpactAssets. From July 28 to August 29, Riot will contribute 100% of proceeds from Star Guardian Taliyah and all related bundle sales to the Riot Games Social Impact Fund. Qualifying in-game items below:

  • Star Guardian Taliyah (skin only)
  • Star Guardian Taliyah Border Set
  • Star Guardian Taliyah Chroma Bundle
  • Star Guardian Taliyah All-Star Bundle

In “Wild Rift”, for every 10 chaos monsters defeated by players between July 14 and August 11 in the in-client narrative experience, Riot Games will contribute $1 to the Riot Games Social Impact Fund, up to $2 million.

Star Guardian event

And finally, players will be able to represent their love of everything Star Guardian with official Riot Games Merchandise plushies, apparel, jewelry, and more starting July 14. The official collection also includes Riot-designed partner goods from companies like Good Smile Company and Secretlab:

  • Good Smile Company
    • Star Guardian Zoe 1/7 Scale Figure (Preorder)
    • Star Guardian Jinx 1/7 Scale Figure (Preorder)
  • Secretlab
    • Star Guardian Edition Pillow
    • Twilight Star Guardian Edition Pillow (August)
  • RockLove Jewelry
    • Star Guardian Soraka Wand Pendant
    • Star Guardian Ina Ring
    • Star Guardian Secret Locket
    • Star Guardian Kiko Pendant
    • Star Guardian Friendship Bracelets (Preorder)
      • Star Guardian Kai’Sa Friendship Bracelet
      • Star Guardian Akali Friendship Bracelet

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