RoboDunk Review (Steam)

For this RoboDunk Review, we DUNK FROM SPACE in the 1st basketball roguelite! Smash and blast in the replayable single-player and coop campaign: buy robots, upgrade their stats, and unlock tons of new skills. Choose your path among different opponents, traps, and rewards… Up to 4 players versus where every match is different!

RoboDunk Review Pros:

  • Decent graphics.
  • 353.62MB download size.
  • Steam achievements.
  • Full controller support.
  • Graphics settings – graphics preset, screen mode, display, and v-sync.
  • Can rebind controls for each player and the keyboard layout.
  • Basketball roguelike gameplay.
  • Local four-player support.
  • The How To Play section is a practice game and you can turn the AI opponents on and off.
  • Basic controls – pass, charge jump, shield/ram, weapon, and ally oop.
  • Ally pop is where your AI partner will jump into the scoring zone and passing to them will cause a dunk of timed right.
  • Three ways to play – endless, campaign, and versus.
  • Four save slots.
  • Sixteen different robots to unlock and buy for your team.
  • Each robot has unique stats and is a particular class like speedy or stronger etc.
  • The factory is where you buy and upgrade robots.
  • Mode tree where you buy them and they show up as random choices in temporary match mods.
  • Eight colors for your team and it also changes the buildings in your hub.
  • Three difficulties – Easy, normal, and hard.
  • When you play a match in the campaign you have a choice of three matches which each have a random duo of two unlocked mods.
  • Full Co-op or solo campaign play.
  • Before a campaign game you pick X amount of unlocked mods for this match only amd you pick which robot gets which mod.
  • End of match breakdown showing how much cash you make.
  • Jumping is charged and the more charged it is the more you score and it’s on a 1 to 4 scale.
  • Permanent mods can be applied to your robots after campaign matches and stay with them until they get destroyed.
  • Unlock story segments as you play and visiting the library in the hub lets you reread them whenever.
  • After anyone scores a shield goes up to protect you and your hoop for a short time.
  • Unlock characters by meeting them in matches.
  • Stadiums change from size to hazards on screen and so much more.
  • Randomized match types and events.
  • A fully charged dunk looks incredible.
  • Its always 2v2
  • Versus mode is one match against Ai or friends and you can set – danger, rule, rounds, round length, modes per round, and if it’s CPU vs. CPU.
  • Neat online and local leaderboard layout where you walk around the leaderboards.
  • Endless mode has four saves and everything from match types to your team gets randomised.
  • Percentage of how many secrets you have found.
  • Fast loading times.
  • Accessible in its simple controls.
  • It has a Lego-looking aesthetic to it all.
  • The games are short.
  • Once it all clicks it does have it’s moments of pure arcade fun.
  • Plays a lot better in multiplayer settings.
  • Bot CPU players have 1 to 9 levels of difficulty and in matches, you can set a different difficulty for each bot.
  • Fourteen stadiums to unlock.
  • Online play is in the game.
  • You can unlock robots, teams, areas, gods, truths, and the game.
  • Smashing the backboard never gets old.
  • In endless mode, you get two random players each game and at the end of a game, you get permanent mods for players.
  • You can save endless runs.
  • Endless run allows you to still unlock some of the unlockables.

RoboDunk Review Cons:

  • Has a steep learning curve.
  • When in the campaign you can accidentally press cancel and quit out instantly.
  • Learning and timing how and when to ram or block dunks is really hard.
  • The AI gets very cheap.
  • At times the hazards in a level take the ball away from you and the enemy.
  • Cannot dunk after the buzzer.
  • Aside from weapons, there isn’t much variety of bots.
  • Balancing is a bit all over the place, especially with long-standing bots with loads of mods.
  • Playing online requires first a mouse click (the controller doesn’t highlight it) and then a new piece of software (parasec) installed to get it going.
  • Shows season and tournament modes on the versus menu but it’s coming soon.
  • Cannot customize your robots outside of color.
  • No camera choices.
  • Can get very busy and it’s hard to see what’s going on, especially with hazards going off so often.

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Official website.

Developer: Jollypunch Games

Publisher: Jollypunch Games

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RoboDunk is a basketball roguelike game that features robots and offers local four-player support. The game has decent graphics, full controller support, and Steam achievements. It has a download size of 353.62MB and includes customizable graphics settings.

The gameplay involves turn-based actions where players can pass, charge jump, shield/ram, use weapons, and ally oop. The game offers three ways to play – endless, campaign, and verses. In the campaign, players can choose their path among randomized matches with unique rewards, rules, traps, and opponents.

The game features sixteen different robots to unlock and buy for your team. Each robot has unique stats and is a particular class like speedy or stronger etc. Players can level up their bots, gain new skills, and stat boosts after every victory.

However, the game has some limitations. It has a steep learning curve and the AI can get very cheap. The game lacks variety in bots aside from weapons and the balancing is a bit all over the place. The game also requires a mouse click to play online and requires a new piece of software (parasec) installed to get it going.

Overall, RoboDunk is an accessible game with easy-to-learn controls but it may not offer enough variety for some players but honestly, it has something that keeps you coming back, I wish online was properly integrated but the gameplay is solid once you get used to it, The blocking of shots needs to be better but I can see what they are going for and it is so close to perfect.

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