Rust adds Dynamic weather, Stables and charity Movember drive

Rust adds Dynamic weather Stables and charity Movember drive

Facepunch Studios is excited to reveal the Stables Update for Rust, the popular sandbox survival game for PC. Live now, this update plays host to a whole range of changes across the game, from new locations like Stables, to adding striking dynamic weather and a range of new items like fully functional in-game telephones. Plus, celebrate a hallowed month of male grooming by purchasing the Moustache from the Rust store, 100% of the proceeds will go towards men’s health charity Movember.

For the full list of changes, optimisations and improvements, see the blog.


Tom Selleck. Burt Reynolds. Rust. What have they got in common? Moustaches.

100% of the profits from Rust’s new moustache item go to our friends at Movember – a charity dedicated to raising awareness of men’s health.

You can take part in a bunch of ways and it’s open to everyone. Buy and wear the moustache in Rust or grow a moustache in real life – some of the Facepunch team will be doing that too and even sharing photos of their creations for your amusement. We’ve set up a Facepunch Movember page where you can join us and help fundraise for Movember.

Purchase your magnificent moustache at the Rust Steam Store or in-game Items Store.

New Feature – Weather

Blustery and chillier today and tomorrow with showers or longer spells of rain. Drier by midweek. Experience a new and improved new weather system, artist-driven and now fully optimised to run without performance issues. Rebuilt from the ground up the new system will allow for endless customisation by server mods in the future. Weather types will range from clear skies, to fog, overcast, heavy and mild rain, and storms!

New Location – Stables

You’ll now be able to acquire horses at one of the two new monuments, the Ranch and Large Barn. Simply approach the Stable Master and start a conversation. You can purchase a Saddle from him and use this to claim a horse of your choosing. Keep in mind that not all horses have the same stats, so make sure to press E to examine each horse before claiming your steed.

New Items

Telephones – Catch up with friends and prank call your enemies with the new Telephone deployable. Once deployed and connected to power, you can use the telephone to call any other telephone on the island. Simply enter a number, hit Dial and the other phone will start ringing and can be picked up by anyone. Plus, find new Phone Booths within several Monuments across the map, in case you want to check on your base while in the outpost.

Taxi Module – A new “Taxi” module is now available for modular cars. The module is superficially similar to the existing Rear Seats, but with a few extra features:

  • Solid barrier between the taxi module and the cabin in front.
  • Trade dropbox, the same as in a metal shopfront.
  • Kick button, allowing the driver to dismount any unwanted passenger (only at low speed!).
  • Glass on the windows. Not invincible, but providing a little protection.

As a minor bonus that may be useful to someone, if the taxi module is placed at the front of a vehicle, the location of the dropbox naturally allows trading with someone outside.


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