Sam & Max: This Time It’s Virtual! launches on PS VR next week

Sam & Max: This Time It’s Virtual!, the over-the-top action VR title from developer HappyGiant and publisher Big Sugar, will launch for PlayStation VR on 23rd February, priced $19.99/€19.99, and with a 10% discount for PS Plus Members for a limited time.

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Join the irrepressible dog with a hat and hyperkinetic rabbity-thing in the duo’s first foray into Virtual Reality. Brought to life by an all-star team of Sam & Max veterans, including Sam & Max creator Steve Purcell, concept artist Peter Chan, and writer/designer Mike Stemmle.

Sam & Max: This Time It's Virtual!

Become part of the dynamic duo’s off-kilter world for a furious day of monster-slaying, obstacle courses, responsibly discharged firearms, and, of course, saving the entire freaking world. Sam & Max: This Time It’s Virtual! mixes quips, crime-fighting, puzzles and escape rooms with challenges of skill and classic point-and-click adventure sure to put even the heartiest Freelance Police cadet through their paces.

Sam & Max: This Time It's Virtual!

Gameplay Highlights
  • Experience the two-fisted japes and tomfoolery of internationally beloved icons, Sam & Max, in mind-melting virtual reality!
  • Push yourself to be the best of the best of the middling, as a dog and a naked rabbity thing harangue and cajole you through a bewildering assortment of Freelance Police Academy training challenges.
  • Discover the horrible and socially relevant secrets lurking behind, under, and within Cap’n Aquabear’s rotting theme park!
  • Give evil scientists and demonic trespassers their just desserts… with sprinkles!
  • Immersion is so real you can feel Sam’s breath on your neck!

Sam & Max: This Time It's Virtual!

Sam & Max: This Time It’s Virtual! is available now for Oculus Quest, SteamVR, and HTC Viveport Infinity headsets, and is coming to PlayStation VR on 23rd February.

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