SEGA and Mattel bring Hot Wheels to Crazy Taxi: City Rush

Put the pedal to the metal! SEGA Networks and Mattel Inc. have teamed up to bring one of Hot Wheels’ most popular hot rods to Crazy Taxi City Rush. The Bone Shaker™ will be available for players to race around Bay City with for a limited time.

The world-famous Bone Shaker is one of Hot Wheels’ most sought after & iconic rides! . In this first-ever deal, the notorious hot rod gets a makeover in the form of a sleek open top. Players will be able to unlock the car through in-game activities, or they may purchase the car right away using real money. Along with Bone Shaker, other Hot Wheels branded items will also be available, including the Spare Hot Wheel tire trunk cover, a Hot Wheels-themed decal and more. Once purchased or unlocked, players will retain access to all the Hot Wheels content after the in-game event ends.

The Hot Wheels in-game event begins today and will run for the next month. Most recently, players will have noticed that Crazy Taxi City Rush includes snow to celebrate the winter season and a newly introduced night mode for driving. For more information about Crazy Taxi City Rush, visit us on

Jim Smale

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