Sega Announce Release IOS/Android Game: SpellWood

Become a Word Wizard with Help from Three Rings’ New Mobile Word Game

SEGA today launched Spellwood on the App Store. Developed by Three Rings Design, Spellwood is a universal app compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch for £1.49/ €1.79/ $1.99/ AUD$1.99 on the App Store.

Spellwood is set in a charming magical world where wizards use words to cast their spells in fun word battles. In the single-player mode, each player can explore the mysterious towers of Spellwood, pitting their wits against over 90 fiendishly gifted adversaries.



In Spellwood, friends and family can play together through Game Center or Facebook Connect with as many as 50 like-minded spelling wizards. Each new tower provides a new challenge, with magical spells to change letters, restore health, and change the size of the board playing area. With several difficulty levels and a variety of game-play modes, Spellwood is perfect for all ages.

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Spellwood is available for download here:




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