SEGA Games We Want To See In 2013


SEGA over the years have given us the ability to replay some of their classic games with HD graphics, online multiplayer and the like. But some how they have forgotten some of the all time classics. I dont want to seem ungrateful and all that, but every gamers taste is different and SEGA could make some serious money out of this fact. Here we have a quick overlook at some of the games SEGA could bring out this following year.

Burning Rangers is basically a fir fighting game set in a crazy futuristic setting. Jet pack available as you fly, jump and extinguish flames. The years have not been kind to the graphics and this game would benefit hugely from a bit of HD surgery. The gameplay how ever, leave as it is as it is a unique experience.  The game would need to have online leaderboard support. I cant shake the feeling that co op could be put in this game somehow? But that would add extra development time and I just want to play it. An absolute must though is to keep the music intact, none of this Crazy Taxi type shenanigans here.




Clockwork Knight originally on the Sega Saturn gave us a joyful platforming experience. It needs to be re released onto the market, just to show how  platformers used to bebefore all this gimmicky mechanics came through. so fun. How the game makes you feel as you navigate levels littered with toys and gadgets. If you really want to make a go of it then chuck Clockwork Knight 2 in the mix aswel. Its a game that can appeal to the retro crowd but also the younger players of this generation.




Daytona CCE. SEGA have given us the first Daytona and did a really good job of it. Now we want more! more tracks and more cars Daytona CCE boasts a better experience overall from the original Daytona USA game. Sleeker graphics with less pop up, the game maintains the precision controls and loud banging soundtrack. Given the success of Daytona USA, releasing this is the next logical step. Give the people more of what they like.




Fighters Megamix is or should I say was the definitive fighter back in the 32 bit days. It combined all the fighters from the Virtua Fighters series and all the fighters from the Fighting Vipers series. A load of extra bonus characters were added including some Sonic fighters, mascots and even the Daytona Hornet Car. The game allowed you to play using either VF2 or FV rules, which means you could destroy walls or get ring out. It had a huge replayability due to the nature of unlocking new characters and stages. You could feel the love going into the game. You could say we have too many fighters on the digital download scene, but I dont think we have any as deep as this. Soul Calibur came close but they took too many elements out and kind of watered it down. SEGA if they leave it as is, will have a much more rounded experience.



Panzeer Dragoon Saga spanned over 4 discs and became a huge hit with SEGA fans. To see how much love this game still brings, you only need check out eBay at the prices this game is going for. I suspect we will never see this game though. I cant be sure but I think I remember reading somewhere that the original code for the game got lost or destroyed thus preventing any remake from happening. The game was noted as being easy but remembered more for the experience. Travelling to far off lands aboard your trusted Dragoon. The game saw you meet and kill in some cases, interesting creatures and people. This is one title for sure SEGA could charge a bit more for to justify the development costs if it could. Defiently one for the ages and one all fans of the series need to play. Hell even people who dont have an interest in the series should check the game out.


Shenmue, what is left to say about this game? Its been hailed as one of the best games ever created, cost a fortune to develop and has caused a huge stir in the retro gamers community. Yes we got Shenmue 2 but we still have no definitive ending. Where is Shenmue 3 is all the gamers cry out these days. Hopefully releasing the original on digital download and fixing those dam tank controls will make SEGA sit up and take notice and give us what we want. Again this is another game that could charge above average and still get the high sales in the bag. We have had the HD version teased once before but since then all is quiet. Fingers crossed we see this game this year.

Sega Worldwide Soccer 98. Come on SEGA give us a sports title for a change. You missed your chance to release Athlete Kings at the Olympics. Take on FIFA and give us the game where the best move in the game was an overhead flick that enabled some beautiful volley goals! No need to worry about licensing as the whole player/team list is editable so you can make your own dream team. Maybe get the commentary sorted out a bit as that was a bit on the dire side. But if you want fast frantic football fun, this was the go to game. Improving immensely on SWWS 97, the game played with a lot more fluidity, the special moves looked superb.



Virtua Cop 2. You gave us the House Of The Dead games and we are eternally grateful, but please give us one of the arcade classics. Give it Move and Kinect controls and let us relive the action of shooting bad guys out of buildings, shooting up terrorists cars from a car window. Stopping a jewellery shop hold up. You have proved you can do it with the HOTD games, so rub your magic sauce over this. Make Virtua Cop 1 a unlockable extra, chuck in any extra levels that didnt make the cut. Online leaderboards and HD graphics will give this a good chance of doing well.



That about wraps up the few games we would like to see added to the PSN network, Xbox Live Arcade and Steam stores. SEGA should really continue their fan service, it got off to a slow start but very slowly its picking up momentum. Listen to what the people want and you will go far and who knows we may even get a Dreamcast 2! Yeah right but a man can dream cant he.


A few other worthy of a mention:

A game heavily criticized for its boring bland graphics and limited race options, the game still did a good job at a fast paced racer. Yes its all true it is short but chuck in a new track or two and throw some colour at it and you could bang it out for a few quid and see how it goes.





Manx TT, again another game that didn’t really have much to offer in terms of depth. Only a few tracks available, the game did have motorbikes and 3D analog support. One thing this had over Sega Touring Car was colour! with its bright yellows and green and trademark SEGA blue skies, this game was a visual palette of joy. Could do well to brighten up players screens in the future.





Did we miss any games out? any games you feel shouldnt be in here? leave a message in the comments section and make your voice heard! Keep your fingers crossed and pray we get a SEGA year of blue sky goodness.

Jim Smale

Gaming since the Atari 2600, I enjoy the weirdness in games counting Densha De Go and RC De Go as my favourite titles of all time. I prefer gaming of old where buying games from a shop was a thing, Being social in person was a thing. Join me as I attempt to adapt to this new digital age!