SENRAN KAGURA 2 Deep Crimson Pre-order Update #3

The biggest update yet – we’ve got some amazing designs to share with you! Oppai for all!

Our third official SENRAN KAGURA 2: Deep Crimson pre-order campaign update is bigger than ever, so take a seat and get comfy!

First things first – some admin 😉

Being that we are now in May and pre-orders have been ongoing for a while, we want to take this chance to announce that we now only have less than 350 Shinobi Collector’s Editions available for pre-order! Once the remaining Shinobi Collector’s Editions are sold they will no longer be available to buy, but we will keep pre-orders open on our store until they all sell out. This essentially means that there is no firm cut off date for pre-orders, but once they’re gone they’re gone. We’ll be giving regular updates of the number of units left on our Twitter and Facebook pages, so make sure to check back regularly!

It is also important to note that from May 22nd we will no longer be able to accept refunds for any pre-ordered editions as they are made to order and we will be placing orders for those units with our suppliers.

That aside, we have an awesome update for you today. So awesome in fact, that we couldn’t help but tease it on Twitter a couple of weeks ago! If you have been following us since the announcement, you may recall that the early renders of our special editions bore the sentence, “Artwork NOT final and may be subject to change”… well there was a slightly nefarious purpose for this sentence, and today we will be revealing the FINAL artwork for two of the limited edition items.

Early on, when our ideas for the special editions were more or less concrete, we contacted our brothers in arms at Marvelous Japan for their input and consensus. Intrigued and wanting to create something truly special for the European market, the ever-generous producer and mastermind of the SENRAN KAGURA franchise Kenichiro Takaki tasked himself with a quest – to create a unique and original design for the Oppai mouse mat!

A short while later we received an update from our colleague in Japan, attached with a picture of the first design sketch for the Oppai mouse mat. Kagura, the character from the box art, in all her glory. You can see the scribbles and notes surrounding the picture, showing the true creativity and time put into this piece.

After we ecstatically reviewed the fantastic design, we waited with bated breath for the final design. When it came, bathed in full-colour and polish we were certainly not disappointed:

I’m sure you can all agree that this artwork is simply gorgeous, and you’re very welcome to save this picture to your collection to cherish forever. The amount of detail and polish that has been poured into this creative piece is absolutely astounding, and we think Takaki-san deserves a round of applause!

Once we picked our jaws from the floor, we promptly sent this design off to our manufacturer so they could send us a sample for our review – this beautiful creation below is what we received:

This mouse mat truly is the crowning glory of the Shinobi Collector’s Edition, which is as far as we know, the only European collector’s edition to ever provide a healthy Oppai mouse mat remedy for your sore and tired gamer wrists.

But wait, there’s more good news to share!

OST (Original Soundtrack)

Today we’re happy to be able to show you the finished designs and track listings for the European OST. This two disc set features tracks from the game, and the design was purposefully chosen to stay true to the look and feel of the Japanese release:

For transparency’s sake, we feel it important to mention that due to licensing issues, two tracks; “Crimson” & “Beyond Light and Darkness” (the two voiced tracks), did not make the final OST roster. We apologise if this comes as a disappointment to some, but we hope however that the gorgeous artwork, the fantastic Oppai mouse mat and ALL the other items in each of the special editions more than make up for it!

Again, we just want to thank everyone for their support in making this physical edition a possibility. We’re very busy at the moment as we push manufacturing forward, and it’s very satisfying to see everything coming together from all different angles as we get closer to our target release month of August.

That’s about it for now, but we hope that you’ve enjoyed this in-depth look at the Oppai Mouse Mat and Original Soundtrack. Make sure to follow us on Twitter @marvelous_games to be the first to receive notification of the next update just around the corner!

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