Soul Survivors Preview (Steam Early Access)

For this Soul Survivors Preview, where we check out a harrowing journey into a dark and retro world that demands skill and courage. Every moment could be your last, but with each setback, you grow stronger. Embrace the challenge, overcome daunting foes, and cleanse the world of its cursed lands.

Soul Survivors Preview Pros:

  • Beautiful pixel art graphics.
  • 694.84MB Download size.
  • Steam achievements.
  • Full controller support.
  • Graphics settings – resolution, video mode, display damaged text, v-sync, and limit fps cap.
  • Action Roguelike gameplay.
  • Two playable characters – Bogatyr (Knight) and Necromancer.
  • Two locations (one has to be unlocked) Usvit Depths, and Linden Forest.
  • Earn EXP by collecting souls from killed enemies and leveling up. Each time you level up you get a choice of three upgrades/new attacks or abilities.
  • Coins are used to buy permanent upgrades within the main menu.
  • Gold earned is locked to the character that collected it.
  • Random events can happen from different enemies spawning to mimics, chests, and waves of enemies.
  • Breakable objects like trees, crucifixes, boxes, and the like.
  • Good upbeat soundtrack.
  • The Necromancer uses a flail as a weapon and you don’t have direct control and instead have to fudge the physics to make it work, it sounds horrible but it’s actually well done and a unique challenge.
  • On the mouse and keyboard, you can move with WASD and/or the mouse.
  • Takes inspiration from Vampire Saviours.
  • Loot goblin-style enemy that randomly spawns and drops money when you hit him, he eventually tries and can escape.
  • End of run breakdown.
  • Very very addictive.
  • Can pick up and earn your health back.
  • Big boss encounters.

Soul Survivors Preview Cons:

  • The mouse and keyboard controls don’t feel as accurate and fluid as the controller.
  • Minimal graphics settings.
  • A run takes a while to get going.
  • The Necromancer flail does take a lot of practice to get going.
  • Only two characters and two locations.
  • Doesn’t have any leaderboards.
  • The choice of upgrades repeats a lot.
  • There isn’t a large number of random events.
  • A few performances hitch every now and then.

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Soul Survivors:

Official website.

Developer: Stingbot Games 

Publisher: Stingbot Games 

Store Links –

Steam Early Access

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