Sparrow Racing League Races Into Destiny The Taken King This Week

During the keynote at The PlayStation Experience this past weekend, Activision and Bungie unveiled a fun, all-new limited time event coming to everyone who owns Destiny: The Taken King called Sparrow Racing League.

Beginning 8th December 2015, players around the world will be able push their driving skill to the limit in one of the most requested new modes for Destiny.  Featuring a six-person death race through enemy territory where players put their sparrow skills to the ultimate test against five other Guardians and the tracks themselves, Sparrow Racing will challenge players in ways they have yet to experience in the world of Destiny.

The event will last for three weeks, ending on 29th December 2015.  Also revealed was a limited time exclusive quest and set of gear PlayStation fans will have access to when Sparrow Racing launches tomorrow

PlayStation continues its early exclusive deal with this new addition:

Jim Smale

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